Colin From Accounts: Filming Locations and Origin Story

Created and produced by Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer, who also star as the lead actors, ‘Colin From Accounts’ is an Australian romantic comedy series that has nothing to do with accounts. It follows a fun-loving Ashley, who randomly flashes Gordon on the street. Distracted by her, Gordon hits a dog with his car, which leads them to the doors of a vet. Unsure of how exactly to take care of the dog from there on, they decide to name him Colin From Accounts, just for fun.

This is how Ashley, who is a student doctor, meets Gordon, a man who runs his own bar and brewery. This sets up the stage for a lot of fun moments, plenty of toilet humor and unending situations that make you laugh out loud. There’s a lot going on in the story, with picture-perfect backdrops assisting the plot. This makes us very curious about the filming locations of the show, especially the bar where the pair spends a lot of time.

Where is Colin From Accounts Filmed?

‘Colin From Accounts’ has been mostly shot on location in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, especially in the suburbs, which Brammall and Dyer explored a lot before filming. Principal photography for the film is believed to have started around February 14, 2022, in Sydney, with the filming getting wrapped up for Season 1 by March 31, 2022. The final two episodes of the show were also picture-locked by May 12, 2022.

They are a real-life couple who got married in April 2021 in Tampa, Florida. The idea of making a series in Sydney came from Dyer, who worked a lot in Sydney and felt like working on something when she moved to Los Angeles. With encouragement from Brammall, she started chalking out the idea of a pilot, and the couple kept discussing the script to fine-tune it over the next few weeks. The couple also chose to shoot in Sydney since they wanted comedy to be associated with Australia internationally too. Now that we know why Sydney was chosen, let’s learn more about the specific locations where the series was shot.

Surry Hills, Sydney

At least one part of the series was shot on a street in Surry Hills, which is an inner-east suburb in Sydney. The cast and crew had to shoot the scene where Ashley flashes her nipple at Gordon right in the beginning, which leads to a meet-cute moment with a car accident involved. It took at least a day to shoot that part since it had to be done during the time kids were being picked up from a school nearby. This was also the place where Gordon hits Colin the dog, which was also shot here.

Marrickville, Sydney

The scenes from Gordon’s brewery are believed to have been shot in the inner-West suburb of Sydney in Marrickville. The cast and crew have been spotted in Marrickville supplying props for the bar scenes. Interestingly, Marrickville is known for its breweries, and beer lovers have plenty of options in the place, which is probably why it was chosen as the ideal location.

Suburban Sydney, New South Wales

Apart from Marrickville, ‘Colin From Accounts’ was also shot in some specific areas of Suburban Sydney in New South Wales. Some parts of the series were shot in Sydney’s residential suburb of Leichhardt, which is popular with the Italians, and the inner southern suburb of Redfern, which is known for its historical sites and commercial area. Redfern is also very close to Surry Hills, where the first scene was shot. The fact that Surry Hills, Marrickville, Leichhardt and Redfern are only a few miles distance from each other must have made it very convenient to shoot in these locations.

Is Colin From Accounts Based on a True Story?

While writing ‘Colin From Accounts,’ Brammall and Dyer admitted to having taken some inspiration from real-life aspects and what they saw around them. For Instance, Colin From Accounts was an actual dog Dyer fostered previously but couldn’t keep because of many issues. But his name was chosen in a way which is very similar to what is shown on the show. The real Colin, according to the couple, had a very sad name, so they decided to name him Colin From Accounts, much like “Karen From Marketing,” which is another idea Brammall suggested in an interview for more such characters.

There are some other instances in the series that are inspired by Brammall and Dyer’s lives. For the couple, comedy comes naturally on and off screen, and they both have made sure to infuse their real humor in the series. Other than that, Ashley and Gordon, just like Brammall and Dyer, have around a 10-year age gap between them, and their characters have been written that way. Some things have also been inspired by people around them, like the “sleep-weeing in a sock drawer” scene, but the flashing scene in the beginning is purely fictional. For the couple, it was more important to draw from their own experiences and what they knew to create something people could relate to and laugh about. This shows that even if the series is not entirely based on a true story, it has been deeply inspired by the lives of the couple who played it and wrote it.

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