Netflix’s Colors of Evil Red: All Filming Locations Explored

With Adrian Panek at the helm, Netflix’s ‘Colors of Evil: Red’ is an adaptation of the eponymous novel written by Małgorzata Oliwia Sobczak. The Polish crime drama movie begins with the discovery of the body of a young girl on the shore of a Tri-City beach, kickstarting an investigation into the case led by an ambitious prosecutor, Leopold Bilski. Upon digging deep into the murder, he notices several similarities between this case and another one from about 15 years ago. When he is forbidden to reopen the cold case, he joins forces with the mother of the victim, Helena Bogucka, who also happens to be a judge, in order to bring the truth into the light.

As the duo gets closer to cracking the case, their discoveries turn out to be quite inconvenient for the local police as the dark side of the seemingly peaceful Tri-City emerges. Originally titled ‘Kolory zla. Czerwien,’ the mystery drama film consists of a group of talented Polish actors, including Jakub Gierszał, Maja Ostaszewska, Zofia Jastrzębska, Andrzej Konopka, Przemysław Bluszcz, and Wojciech Zieliński. The dark visuals of the movie and some interesting backdrops complement the morbid themes of murder and other crimes touched upon in the narrative.

Where Was Colors of Evil: Red Filmed?

‘Colors of Evil: Red’ was shot in its entirety in Poland, particularly in Pomeranian Voivodeship. Principal photography for the crime movie got underway in April 2023 and seemingly wrapped up just before the summer of the same year. Given Poland’s combination of historical and modern architecture, it served as a suitable shooting site for the Netflix production.

Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland

The production team of ‘Colors of Evil: Red’ lensed all the pivotal sequences in Pomeranian Voivodeship, situated in the northwestern part of Poland. For a major chunk of filming, the cast and crew members set up camp in the city of Gdynia. There, they recorded an important scene in the dark in the sea with the water temperature at 3.5 degrees, as mentioned in a social media post by Maja Ostaszewska. Moreover, the capital of the voivodeship, Gdansk, hosted the production of the Netflix film as well. Many of you are likely to spot several prominent buildings and landmarks in the backdrop, including St. Mary’s Church, Neptune’s Fountain, the Museum of the Second World War, and the Westerplatte Monument.

For the purpose of shooting, the filming unit also took over the seaside resort city of Sopot, which is located on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea. It consists of a few major attractions in different areas and neighborhoods, such as the Sopot Pier, the Sopot Lighthouse, the Grand Hotel, the Sopot Beach, and the Museum of Sopot. Filmmakers find the locales of Pomeranian Voivodeship suitable for different kinds of projects due to its vastness and versatility. Thus, over the years, the voivodeship has served as a production location for numerous movies and TV shows, including ‘Furioza,’ ‘Blinded by the Lights,’ ‘Jack Strong,’ ‘Solid Gold,’ ‘Banksters,’ and ‘Rysa.’

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