Connor and Emily: Is the Love on the Spectrum Couple Still Together?

Following in the footsteps of the incredibly successful Australian eponymous original, Netflix’s ‘Love on the Spectrum US‘ is a reality dating series that is as refreshing as it is well-rounded. After all, it revolves around a set of individuals with autism as they explore the unpredictable world of romance in the hopes of finding a true partner in arguably the most sincere way imaginable. Amongst them in season 2 is actually none other than Connor Tomlinson — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about him and his connection with match Emily, we’ve got the details for you.

Connor and Emily’s Love on the Spectrum Journey

It was reportedly back when Connor was just a young boy growing up in Atlanta, Georgia, that he was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, leading him to always be treated quite differently. The truth is he was bullied so brutally that his parents had to pull him out of school in 10th grade, which sadly only pushed him down a path of introvertedness and self-reliance. In fact, according to his mother, he has just one friend whom he meets maybe twice a year; otherwise, he prefers to hang out with his family or stay at home alongside his loved ones plus their three dogs.

It was thus little surprise Connor’s dating life was non-existent despite him being in his mid-20s, only for this original to give him the push he needed to finally step out and meet new people. His first foray into this was through a speed dating, where he initially rejected Emily owing to her not sharing his passion for nature, but said yes to his former co-worker Sasha. Their first date was at the Swan House, where the ‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ was also filmed, but it was admittedly quite awkward for them both. That’s when he realized they were better off as just friends.

Connor also realized he might have been a bit too hasty with Emily because he was attracted to her, driving him to actually reach out to the event organizers in the hope of getting her contact information if she’d picked him. Thankfully, Emily had, enabling him to ask her out despite the weeks gone by since their first encounter — the fact he was honest and she was understanding truly showed their maturity from the get-go. Yet what truly bonded them was their shared love for movies as well as having shih tzus named after ‘Star Wars’ characters; the former had Ben after Ben Kenobi, whereas the latter had Chewie for Chewbacca, leading their second date to be a dog playdate.

This second romantic rendezvous was when Connor got to know Emily on a deeper level, driving him to take matters further by holding her hand before ultimately getting so agitated it took her explicit sense of care for him to calm down. Her maturity, understanding, as well as sheer sincerity really touched him, resulting in them setting up another date and him actually making her meet his mother. From a shy young man who didn’t want his mother to get too excited, he introduced Emily to her, making it clear he genuinely liked it. Her asking about his interests made it clear the feels were reciprocated too.

Are Connor and Emily Still Together?

From what we can tell, Connor and Emily are not only still dating but he’s actually gathering up the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend right now. Neither of these Atlanta, Georgia natives are very active on social media at the moment so we unfortunately don’t know too much about their personal lives at the moment, but we do know their bond has continued. The fact they’re both open minded is also a massive plus in their relationship, so we honestly can’t wait to see what’s in the card for them next. As for Connor’s personal standing, it appears as if he’s employed at Kroger’s to this day, meaning this is one area where there hasn’t been a single change, much to his relief.

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