Are James and Maggie From Love on the Spectrum US Still Dating?

If there’s one thing nobody can deny, it’s that Netflix’s ‘Love on the Spectrum US’ lives up to its title in every way conceivable by following a group of neurodivergent individuals as they take on dating. It thus comes as no surprise this original is as insightful as it is heartwarming, especially with Boston, Massachusetts’ deeply compassionate James Jones being one of the primary cast members. So now that even its second installment has landed on our screens in its entirety — let’s find out precisely where he and his most recent on-screen partner, Maggie Magpie, stand today, shall we?

James and Maggie’s Love on the Spectrum Journey

From the moment we first came across James back in season one in 2022, he honestly won our hearts with his earnestness, open thinking, as well as sincerity despite the issues he has faced in life. The truth is he was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at quite an early age, but “society did not have a great understanding” of it or autism at the time, and it sadly led to him being bullied in school. Nevertheless, with the unwavering support of his family, he has since managed to find several hobbies to meet like-minded people plus evolve into a confident young man even if he still battles anxiety.

James Jones and Emma Hodgson

Therefore, when James stepped foot into his 30s, he was “unquestionably ” ready to find true love too — he said, “I’m seeking to find a partner, you know, a soul mate with whom I can spend my life.” This soon resulted in the long-haired Renaissance enthusiast meeting a horror-loving and ghost-hunting aficionado named Emma Hodgson, yet they decided to be just friends following two dates. They’re actually close to this day because they genuinely enjoy spending time with one another, but they also ensure to focus on their independent paths in the hopes of finding their own forevers.

In other words, James remained active in the innately complex world of dating, through which he ultimately encountered Magie Magpie — a world traveler, nomad, frog lover, and witchcraft buff. Their first date was at Hammond Castle since it is one of the former’s favorite places considering his fondness for all things medieval, only for them to easily connect over their many shared interests. After all, she admittedly loves history, visiting unique places, anthropology and thus its sub-type archeology, plus she has a pretty extensive knowledge of Greek mythology thanks to her passion for reading.

The fact James was able to converse with Maggie without getting agitated or overstimulated and paid actual attention to her hobbies/stories made their date a massive hit in both their eyes. Though the cherry on top for the former was the brief yet sweet lip kiss he planted on him at the end after he’d already asked her about past relationships, expectations, as well as a second date. This romantic rendezvous came a short while later at wondrous Castle Hill on the Crane Estate, which also went incredibly well as they got to know one another on a much deeper, more long-term level.

Are James and Maggie Still Together?

James’ efforts to get Maggie a frog gummy due to her interest in them before their second date, just to end up buying her a gummy bouquet because the former was out of stock, truly went a long way. It showed her his caring, frank, sensitive side — at the time, she even candidly said, “I think [our date is] going well, yeah! I’m having fun. He’s very sweet. I love the gummy bouquet; it’s very nice.” On the flip side, despite the fact he found her being vegetarian a bit of a bump, he conceded it was a “pretty minor thing “in the grand scheme of events, plus he’d grown to appreciate her personality.

James and Maggie hence ended their second date with a deep kiss upon making plans for a third, but alas, they couldn’t quite align their romantic interests and didn’t go much further in their relationship. However, neither seems too hung up over it these days because while the latter is still exploring different countries, playing indoor board games, as well as maintaining her passion for books and frogs alike, the former has apparently moved on. Moreover, they’ve actually remained good friends.

Even though James, a self-admitted “proud nerd who enjoys outdoor activities and indoor games equally,” had asserted he never wants a child or would date someone with a kid as he doesn’t like them and believes he’s not equipped for that responsibility, it appears as if he’s currently involved with a mother. Yet no matter what, we wish both these individuals the very best for their future.

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