Copan Combs: Surviving Paradise Contestant is Now An Admission Counselor

Among the various participants that were featured in the very first season of Netflix’s ‘Surviving Paradise,’ the story of Copan Combs is certainly an interesting one. A man of loyalty, he pledged to stand by his alliances even when everyone else seemed to be of a different opinion, which unfortunately did not end very well for him. Nevertheless, no one can deny that his on-screen journey was an interesting one, leading many to wonder where he is these days. Well, here is what we know about the same!

Copan Combs’ Surviving Paradise Journey

Entering season 1 of the Netflix survival show, Copan Combs was quite impressed with the villa that all of the participants were initially led to. As such, he was determined to be back there when it was revealed that everyone had to actually start from the camp as an Outsider. His alliances on the very first day did not pan out that well, as neither he nor any of his apparent allies entered the villa. However, on the second day, he was approached by Tabitha Sloane, and the meaningful conversations shared between them not only solidified the friendship between them but also ensured that Copan would stand by Tabitha no matter the case.

Tabitha ensured that Copan knew how much they appreciated him by voting for him to go into the villa during the second round. As news traveled between the villa and the camp, Tabitha’s reputation started to take a hit, but Copan remained steadfast in his support of his ally. This was amplified when, during the first crate challenge, Tabitha picked Copan as their partner and told him that their crate would lead him inside the villa. Trusting entirely what Tabitha said, Copan chose to accept the crate, which ultimately led him to become an Insider.

However, as time went on, Copan had to digest a lot of things while trying to maintain his trust in Tabitha. While his ally started to lose even their most steadfast supporters, Copan publically admitted that he still trusted Tabitha, which did not sit well with many. It was during the final stages of the competition that Copan was paired with fellow Insider Hayley Smith-Rose and told that one of them had to go back to camp. It was Copan who agreed to exit the villa. However, the next time he came back, he was eliminated entirely from the survival show as a part of the last round of eliminations after Taylor Olympios said his name.

Where is Copan Combs Now?

As of writing, Copan Combs is thriving in Oklahoma and takes much joy in his work. A proud alumnus of Oklahoma State University (OSU), he now works for his alma mater as an Admission Counselor, helping many make crucial decisions regarding their education and career goals. When not helping students, Copan can be seen enthusiastically supporting the various sports teams of OSU, often in orange garb, in order to not leave any doubts about his loyalties.

On a personal note, Copan suffered a tragic loss on April 7, 2023, when he lost his dear father, a beloved man, whose death was mourned by many of his family and friends. The reality TV star publically expressed how his father would often attend his games despite not being a huge sports enthusiast, something that Copan continues to appreciate even today. That said, the Oklahoma native has not lost his cheer and continues to build a life for himself, all the while helping as many as possible.

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