Copy Keyboard Shark Tank Update: Where Are They Now?

In the era of 9 to 5, we spent a good amount of time simply copy-pasting. This has led to a waste of time and labor on tasks that could be solved with just a single click. Entrepreneur Scotty Trujillo’s brainchild, Copy Keyboard, attempts to solve the issue with his simple design of two click keyboard that allows users to copy and paste text, images, code, and others with just a single click.

The entrepreneur presented his unique product on ‘Shark Tank‘ season 14 episode 13 in the hopes of getting the Sharks on board with his idea to gain a substantial amount of investment to further sales. Now that we have your undivided attention about the product, let’s trace the company’s growth and find out where they are at present, shall we?

Copy Keyboard: Who Are They and What Do They Do?

Scotty Trujillo completed his education at California State University, Fresno, where he earned his degree in Mechanical Engineering. As an avid sportsperson with a love for soccer, he bagged the position as the Head Coach of the Boys JV Soccer team at Bullard High School. Scotty is not new to the game of entrepreneurship. He created his small business, Great Greek Shirts, in 2013, where he created custom-made t-shirts. He quit his small business and joined ERI as an E-commerce Manager.

Finally, Scotty became a TikTok sensation with over 20 million views when he posted his invention, Copy Keyboard, on the platform. He received great feedback, and viewers wanted to purchase the product. This gave him the motivation to continue producing the product. The keyboard is very handy for people in the coding and development field and the copywriter, for whom this keyboard is a holy grail. Scotty realized that amidst all the hustle and bustle of office work, people were wasting expensive time clicking button after button to simply copy-paste. He intricately designed Copy Keyboard for professionals and students to help them reduce unnecessary workload.

Copy Keyboard is Reaching Millions of Households Today

Copy Keyboard started in January 2021, and since then, it has reached millions of households and offices to help users save time and lessen fatigue. He garnered quite the attention for his invention online and made his career around it. The design of Copy Keyboard is minimalist, sustainable and made with high-quality products that are durable in nature. He reportedly funded the production of his product himself and based on his earnings from his TikTok.

The product comes with an easy, user-friendly USB installation with the hassle of installing an app or connecting it with Bluetooth. It is a simple device to make your life simpler. The company was also featured on Popsugar Culture and is available to be purchased on its official website and on Amazon. The company expanded its net profit and is also available in walk-in stores in Fresno, California. The product comes in four different models, two normal keyboards in black and white, and for the fancier crowd, two LED-lit keyboards in the original two colors.

While the minimalist black and white models retail at $19.99, the LED-lit models are sold at $24.99. Scotty appeared on ‘Shark Tank’ to eliminate the only drawback of the device, increasing production and decreasing wait time. We are very excited to see how far Copy Keyboards goes and what new models Scotty brings to the table.

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