Where Was Council of Dads Shot?

COUNCIL OF DADS -- "What Do You Want To Be?" Episode 103 -- Pictured: (l-r) -- (Photo by: Seth F. Johnson/NBC)

‘Council of Dads’ is a drama series on NBC that deals with parenthood, and the various dynamics surrounding the concept. Based on ‘The Council of Dads: My Daughters, My Illness, and the Men Who Could Be Me’ by Bruce Feiler, the story follows Scott Perry, who discovers that he’s got cancer.

Worried about his children having to grow up without his help and advice, he comes up with the idea of the council of dads, along with his wife Robin. They recruit six friends to serve as father figures for the children. Among the council members, are Larry, his AA sponsor, Anthony, his oldest friend, and Oliver, his surgeon, who happens to be Robin’s friend.

Council of Dads Filming Locations:

While the premise of the show is exciting, the location itself manages to weave the tale better. This is mostly because a lot of the narrative is centered around the setting. Thus, you might be wondering where ‘Council of Dads’ has been filmed, and we have the answers right here.

Savannah, Georgia

‘Council of Dads’ has been filmed at Savannah, Georgia. In fact, there have been casting calls in Savannah asking for a variety of actors. It appears that they were looking for people to play various roles in Crab Shack, including employees and patrons. You can check out the casting call here. Another casting call went out in Savannah, for filming on October 28, 2019. The call was for different characters, including moms, dads, and pedestrians with dogs. Check out the casting call here.

You can also check out a tweet, which confirms that ‘Council of Dads’ has been filmed in Savannah. Notably, the tweet also sends out a call to background actors.

While this proves that filming did take place in Savannah, you might be wondering about specific filming locations. We got the answer when Sarah Wayne Callies, who plays Robin, took to Instagram, to walk fans through their shooting in Savannah. Among the questions answered, were the specific places where filming has taken place.

These include The Crab Shack, Husk restaurant, Savannah Coffee Roasters, E. Shaver, Bookseller, and Good Times Jazz Bar & Restaurant.

The Crab Shack is located at Chimney Creek on Tybee Island. Since the casting call went out for actors to appear as an African American male sous chef, and an African American male line cook, it is understood that The Crab Shack features prominently. Other roles related to The Crab Shack include 45 patrons, 5 kids between 7 and 11, and 3 teens. The season finale has been filmed here as well, and The Crab Shack was closed on February 11th and 12th, as you can see from the tweet below.

The Crab Shack has also shared an image with the cast members in front of the location, which you can see here.

Apart from The Crab Shack, the cast members have revealed that the Husk restaurant stands in for Anthony’s restaurant in the show. In ‘Council of Dads’, Anthony’s restaurant is in Atlanta. Lastly, we know that E. Shaver, Bookseller remained closed for the filming of the NBC series.

The store was closed on November 14, 2019, and reopened on November 15th, by 12 PM. You can check out the tweet they sent out, informing their patrons about the filming of ‘Council of Dads’.

Thus, it is evident that ‘Council of Dads’ has made smart use of the locations in Savannah, and has ended up working with students from the Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD). Naturally, it is pragmatic to work with local skilled professionals to bring down the overhead costs in the production process. It is also an opportunity for the students to learn.

One such student, Cori Graves, noted “It’s been amazing. I’ve definitely learned a lot; just in regard to how TV shows and films are made and how different worlds those are.”

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