How Much Do Sweet Home Sextuplets Couple Make Per Episode?

Raising children is not easy. According to estimates, it costs between $12,350 and $14,000 per year to raise a child. So, Eric and Courtney have their hands full as parents and providers in ‘Sweet Home Sextuplets,’ the TLC series. The premise follows the Waldrop family who ends up welcoming six babies while only trying for one more. Courtney, who used to a school teacher, has quit her job to look after the kids, and their friends and family help the couple out for free. However, how do the Waldrops raise the kids, how much do they make per episode, and what is their net worth?

How Much Do the Waldrops Make Per Episode?

The Waldrops get financial assistance from TLC for appearing on the show. While it is unclear exactly how much they make, reality television producer Terence Michael told E! that families on such shows pocket around 10% of the budget of the series, per episode. Shows like ’19 Kids and Counting’ have projected budgets of nearly $250,000, which should be the case for ‘Sweet Home Sextuplets’ as well. In that case, the Waldrop family gets a cool $40,000 per episode.

Courtney and Eric Waldrop Net Worth:

Apart from the money they make from the reality show, Eric owns a landscaping business. It includes designing, remodeling, and maintaining yards. Eric has owned and operated his company, Robinson & Waldrop Landscape Group, since 2005. Apart from the business, Eric and Courtney also live on top of 40 acres of land. Twenty of those acres form a working sheep farm. They have nearly 100 sheep and must make some amount of money from animal husbandry. It remains unclear exactly how much Eric makes, but it must be more than Courtney’s salary as a teacher, which is probably why she quit her job to look after the kids.

Their incomes aside, the couple has also received immense help from the townspeople who have rallied around them ever since the Waldrops were expecting sextuplets. A local church even organized a gender reveal occasion where the people chipped in and donated some money to help the family. The event raised nearly $5,000 which the Waldrops put to good use. According to reports, Courtney and Eric’s net worth is estimated to be close to $2 million as of 2020.

The bulk of their money seems to be coming from the reality series, and the Waldrops are stars in their own right. Eric’s business also appears to be steady enough, having run for around 15 years. However, the biggest fortune is the one that the Waldrops are sitting on. The 40-acre land contributes to much of their net worth. Now that the TLC series has gained its fan following, and has become successful, one can expect that the Waldrops will pocket a bigger income and perhaps even have brand endorsements heading their way, all of which will bolster their net worth. On the other hand, raising a child is also getting more expensive by the day, so the family has to be careful with finances, and not be too extravagant, instead, focusing on every one of their children having a good future.

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