Cristina Ferrare: Where is John DeLorean’s Ex-Wife Now?

Featured in Netflix’s ‘Myth & Mogul: John DeLorean,’ Cristina Ferrare is a well-known name within the entertainment industry who was with John DeLorean during some of the most crucial moments of his life. As such, she provided a unique insight into the life of the automobile tycoon who wanted to make his dreams a reality and show the world what he was capable of. Her presence in the documentary series allowed the viewers to understand John in a different light. Naturally, people are curious to know more about Cristina and what she might be up to these days. So, let’s explore the same together, shall we?

Who is Cristina Ferrare?

Cristina Ferrare was born in February 1950 in Cleveland, Ohio. Her parents were Renata Ferrare and Tavio Ferrare; the latter was a Butcher by profession. The family, who were of Italian descent, moved to Los Angeles, California, when Cristina was about 14. Shortly after the move, she caught the eye of Nina Blanchard’s modeling agency, who offered her a modeling contract. At about 16, the young model became affiliated with 20th Century Fox studios.

In 1968, Cristina made her feature film debut by playing Linda Kingsley in ‘The Impossible Years.’ The same year saw the actress in ‘J. W. Coop’ as Bean. Thanks to her stellar performance, she was seen in the lead role of Mary in the 1972 movie ‘Mary, Mary, Bloody Mary.’ According to Cristina, she was briefly married to a man named Nicholas Thomas in 1969 though the marriage was annulled just six weeks after.

It was in 1973 that Cristina tied the knot with John DeLorean. The 25-year age gap between the two certainly raised some eyebrows, but the actress admitted that he had a youthful energy that did not let them feel like age was ever an issue. Cristina even co-adopted Zachary “Zach” DeLorean, who was only 14 months old at the time of her marriage and had been adopted by John when he was single. The couple lived in a lavish 20-room duplex apartment on Fifth Avenue, New York City, New York, and had a clear view of Central Park and the rest of the NYC skyline. They welcomed their first daughter, Kathryn DeLorean, on November 15, 1977.

Following John’s arrest in 1982 related to drug trafficking charges, Cristina stayed by her husband’s side. She maintained that he was innocent and stated in the Netflix series the impact of the whole issue on their married life. However, Cristina confessed that the breaking point came when she confronted her husband with an edition of Time Magazine with the automobile executive on the cover due to his legal troubles. She stated that she was stunned when John smiled after looking at the cover and remarked, “half the fun of losing money was getting it back.”

Where is Cristina Ferrare Now?

Cristina divorced John Delorean and got married to Anthony Thomopoulos on April 21, 1985, two weeks after the divorce went through. Since then, the two have been happily married and are parents to two beautiful daughters, Alexandra and Arianna. The latter is happily married to her husband Neil and looking forward to their days together. The couple’s path to parenthood has had some unexpected obstacles, yet they have been quite open about the same and are presently pursuing IVF treatment.

Cristina has continued her work within the entertainment industry and was even part of OWN’s ‘Big Bowl of Love.’ Additionally, she has gained many fans due to her original role as the host of ‘Home & Family’ and her appearance in its revived version that was seen on Hallmark. In 2004, Cristina published her book ‘Realistically Ever After: Finding Happiness When He’s Not Prince Charming, You’re Not Snow White, and Life’s Not a Fairy Tale’ and is one of the New York Times Bestselling Authors. Moreover, she is pretty passionate about food and often shares healthy and tasty recipes via social media.

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