Zach DeLorean: Where is John DeLorean’s Son Now?

John DeLorean’s legacy in the world of the automobile industry is certainly intriguing to follow. While turning dreams into reality, the car expert faced many ups and downs that Netflix’s ‘Myth & Mogul: John DeLorean’ sheds light on. One of the most prominent people featured in the documentary series is Zachary “Zach” DeLorean, John’s son, who witnessed how his father was affected by the various scandals and the infamy that came with it. If you are curious about Zach and his current whereabouts, here is what we know about the same!

Who is Zach DeLorean?

Zachary Tavio DeLorean, mostly known as Zach, was adopted by John DeLorean when the latter was still single. His father married popular model and actress Cristina Ferrare when Zach was only 14 months. In fact, she ended up co-adopting him, and the family of three was happy to live together in a magnificent house on Fifth Avenue, New York City, New York. In the Netflix series, Zach confessed that he did not realize how different his life was from the rest of the world. On November 15, 1977, he became a big brother after the birth of his little sister Kathryn Ann DeLorean.

Though Zach adored his parents and liked his life, there were a few things that he could not fathom at such a young age. The fact that cameras often surrounded him did not sit well with him, and he was rarely happy in front of them. Additionally, Zach understood his father’s passion for his dream car but was also somewhat disgruntled that there were people who knew more about that particular aspect of his father’s life than he did. After Jack’s arrest in 1982, his son’s life took a very drastic turn.

Zach recently recalled in an interview how he had to defend his mother and sister numerous times as his father’s legal troubles continued. Over time, he came to resent DMC-12, the car his father had worked so hard on. He even shared in the Netflix series that his loath for the vehicle was prominently featured in ‘Back to the Future.’ After John’s release, Zach admitted that he grew distant from his and moved to Los Angeles, California. Yet, over time, the two mended their relationship, and he moved back to his family estate near New York, where his father continued to work from a farm office.

Where is Zach DeLorean Now?

Since his father died in 2005, Zach DeLorean has appeared in multiple projects based around John’s life. While acknowledging that things were far from as simple as black and white regarding his father’s work, he does not seem interested in continuing it. That said, Zach has supported various ventures that hope to build on his father’s legacy, like DeLorean Tech.

Apart from the Netflix series, Zach appeared in ‘Framing John DeLorean,’ a 2019 documentary movie about his father that featured Alec Baldwin in the titular role. His participation in the project was thanks to his sister, who requested he gives the movie a chance following their father’s death. The late automobile tycoon’s son wants the world to understand that there is much more to his father’s story than everyone assumes.

Zach has even stated that while people have often asked him about the drug bust, they never seem interested in the fact that his father was declared innocent. Presently, he prefers to remain out of the limelight and is not very active on social media. Zach seems to be on good terms with his family, yet he is still far from comfortable with certain aspects of his father’s legacy, including the legal troubles and the controversy that came along.

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