Crystal Mangum: Where is the Stripper Now?

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If there’s one thing absolutely nobody can deny, it’s that false accusations of any kind hold power to not only change lives but also destroy careers and shatter reputations in the worst of ways. However, as carefully explored in ESPN’s ’30 for 30: Fantastic Lie’ — profiling the 2006 Duke Lacrosse Case — the impact is arguably a million times worse if it touches upon sexual assaults. Yet for now, if you simply wish to learn more about the alleged victim/accuser in this particular baffling as well as complex matter, Crystal Gail Mangum, we’ve got the necessary details for you.

Who is Crystal Mangum?

Although born on July 18, 1978, as the youngest of three children to loving parents Mary and Travis Mangum, Crystal reportedly didn’t have the coziest, easiest, or happiest of adolescent years. This actually was not because of familial problems but because she was apparently taken advantage of by three older men (including her then 21-year-old boyfriend) when she was merely 14. The truth is she herself came forward with this claim around the time she graduated high school in 1996 yet refused to file charges owing to external fears despite asserting it’d really happened.

Crystal then attempted to move forward in life by joining the United States Navy as a radio operating sailor and technology navigator, but this unfortunately didn’t pan out too well for her either. After all, the fellow official Kenneth Nathanial McNeill she’d tied the knot with shortly into active service supposedly turned out to be abusive — he’d once threatened to kill her, per her accounts. Though the case stemming from this complaint was dismissed once the young Durham, North Carolina, native failed to appear in court, following which she began another in-agency relationship.

Crystal actually fell pregnant by this sailor twice in the ensuing years, resulting in her discharge after the first one to focus on family (2 years of service) and her entry into exotic dancing by 2002. She reportedly just wanted to be able to provide for her two kids by this point, but it soon led to her finding herself in a mess of legal troubles, controversies, as well as purported drug problems. In fact, it was in 2002 itself that she was first arrested on a total of 10 counts for stealing a lapdance customer’s taxi, prompting a police chase, her nearly running over an official, and much more.

Since Crystal had a blood alcohol level of over twice the legal limit, she ultimately pled guilty to a DUI, larceny, eluding arrest, and assault, for which she spent three weekends in county jail. She was even ordered to pay $4,200 in restitution plus remain on probation for two years, during which she earned an Associate Degree from a community college before enrolling at North Carolina Central University. Therefore, the 27-year-old was a second-year psychology major moonlighting as a stripper when she accused three men from Duke University’s lacrosse team of having raped her.

According to reports, Crystal and another woman had been hired by the team to perform at a house party, where she arrived already intoxicated on alcohol as well as hard muscle relaxers. There were some rude words directed toward them both at the scene that had caused them to leave without really completing their performances, but the police only became heavily involved following her ensuing altercation with the fellow stripper. That’s when she stated she’d been sexually assaulted at one point during the night, yet there was no swelling or abnormalities on her body to indicate the same.

Crystal Mangum is Serving Her Sentence Today

It took a year for Crystal’s allegations against the three men to be dismissed by the attorney general’s office on the grounds of false reporting, but she subsequently wasn’t charged for it. The reason — since she’d told various investigators various accounts of the fateful night, the office believed it’s likely “she may actually believe… the stories she has been telling… it’s in the best interest of justice not to bring charges.” However, she was arrested again on February 17, 2010, when her 9-year-old daughter called 911 shortly before midnight in fear for her safety owing to domestic troubles.

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It turns out Crystal had been fighting with her then-live-in boyfriend Milton Walker, and it had escalated to such an extent she’d set fire to some of his clothes in a bathtub of their home. She was arrested on one count each of attempted murder, first-degree arson, assault & battery, identity theft, communicating threats, damage to property, resisting an officer, and misdemeanor child abuse. She was actually soon released into house arrest on bail, with a specification she could only see her kids under the supervision of social services, but she was behind bars by August for failure to comply.

Crystal was convicted of contributing to the delinquency of a minor, injury to personal property, and resisting an officer on December 17, 2010, for which she was handed down 88 days with credit for time already served. Therefore, it was on April 3, 2011, that she was taken into custody for good upon having repeatedly stabbed her then-boyfriend Reginald Daye, who sadly passed away in the hospital ten days later. As per reports, she was deemed competent to stand trial in November of the same year and was convicted of second-degree murder following claims of self-defense against abuse two years later.

Eventually, Crystal was sentenced to a minimum of 14⅙ years and a maximum of 17¾ years in prison, meaning the mid-40-year-old is currently incarcerated at the North Carolina Correctional Institution for Women in Raleigh, North Carolina. According to the North Carolina Department of Corrections Records, she has one infraction of barter/trading under her name from April 2014 and is projected to be released on February 27, 2026.

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