Cyndi Hendry: MH370 Tomnod Volunteer is an Avid Photographer Now

Netflix’s ‘MH370: The Plane That Disappeared’ chronicles how Malaysian Airlines MH370 disappeared during an overnight flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. Although nothing about the flight seemed out of the ordinary, the plane went electronically dark shortly after exiting Malaysian airspace and has not been heard from or seen since then. While the Netflix documentary attempts to investigate the strange occurrence through one-on-one interviews and dramatic recreations, it also puts forward several plausible theories for our perusal. Once the world got to know of MH370’s disappearance, people from different parts offered to look for the missing flight. Tomnod volunteers also proceeded to do their bit and used the DigitalGlobe-powered service, which relied on high-definition satellite images, to scour the supposed crash location. One such volunteer, Cyndi Hendry, even believed she had found a piece of debris, although people paid no attention to her claims. Well, with Cyndi appearing on the show to share her experience, let’s find out where she is at present, shall we?

Who Is Cyndi Hendry?

A resident of Cape Coral, Florida, Cyndi has lived in the United States all her life. However, she was an enthusiastic Tomnod volunteer who had been associated with the community way before MH370’s disappearance. In fact, sources state that she was quite adept at using Tomnod and had availed of the service to check for anomalies and test her own theories about unrelated world events. At its core, Tomnod was an online service launched and powered by the United States-based satellite company DigitalGlobe. The program allowed users to access high-definition satellite images of a specific area, thus effectively using crowdsourcing to expedite search efforts, which would have taken weeks otherwise. Hence, it was quite easy for volunteers to join in search efforts around the world from the comfort of their own houses.

On March 8, 2014, MH370 disappeared without a trace while on a regular flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing. The Malaysian Airlines flight took off shortly after midnight according to schedule, and nothing seemed amiss by the time it reached the end of Malaysian airspace. Subsequently, the Malaysian air traffic control wished the pilot, Zaharie Ahmad Shah, good and attempted to hand him over to their Vietnamese colleagues. Yet, the aircraft went electronically dark before entering Vietnamese airspace and hasn’t been located since then.

Where Is Cyndi Hendry Now?

While the Malaysian government left no stone unturned in their search efforts, Cyndi Hendry claimed she was taken aback by the news. The US native refused to believe a plane could vanish without a trace and was determined to do whatever she could to help. Hence, she eventually took the decision to join thousands of Tonmod volunteers who were scouring through pictures of the crash site in search of the missing plane. When describing her experience, Cyndi claimed that the first few images she went through were utterly black because of the ocean. However, after sifting through a few pictures, she noticed something white peeking out from the water and assumed it was part of the aircraft. Subsequently, she obtained the schematics of a Boeing 777 aircraft from the internet and was doubly assured that the object she spotted was plane debris. Though, even after Cyndi went online with her claim and gained immense support, the people responsible appeared not to give her discovery much attention.

Image Credit: Cyndi Hendry/Facebook

Well, at present, Cyndi Hendry still resides in Cape Coral, Florida, where she works as a Criminal Customer Service for the Lee County Clerk of Courts. Moreover, she is an avid photographer and loves exploring her hobby on the side. While readers would be glad to know that Cyndi is a breast cancer survivor, she seems to have built up a happy life surrounded by her loved ones and often shares the memories she makes with them on social media. Witnessing Cyndi live a wonderful life is heartwarming, and we wish her the best for the coming future.

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