Where Are Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s Wife and Kids Now? MH370 Update

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With Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah often being deemed the culprit behind Malaysia Airlines Flight 370’s vanishing, there has also been a lot of interest surrounding his immediate, close family. That’s because many believe he had marriage and mental health issues by the time March 8, 2014, rolled around, making him commit mass murder-suicide — a narrative most of his loved ones deny. So now that some of these aspects have been carefully explored in Netflix’s ‘MH370: The Plane That Disappeared,’ let’s find out more about the pilot in command’s wife as well as kids, shall we?

Who Are Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s Wife and Kids?

It was reportedly back when Faizah Khanum Mustafa Khan was merely a 16-year-old schoolgirl that she first came across Zaharie Ahmad Shah, only for them to soon get romantically involved. The truth is they were actually able to settle down fairly quickly since the latter joined Malaysia Airlines as a cadet pilot in his early 20s in 1981 itself, allowing him to gradually move up the ranks. The couple then welcomed three children into their lives; Ahmad Idris Zaharie, Aishah Zaharie, and Ahmad Seth Zaharie, all of them they raised to the best of their abilities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

However, according to Daily Mail, not everything was sunshine and roses for the family nearly three decades later despite the fact they were financially relaxed while residing in a gated community. After all, their report claims Faizah and Zaharie’s marriage was crumbling apart to such an extent the wife asserted he’d “retreated into a shell” in the weeks leading up to the tragic 2014 incident. She had apparently told this to investigators once they’d knocked on her door already with the suspicion he was responsible, which just grew further as she indicated possible extramarital affairs.

As if that’s not enough, Faizah allegedly even declared her spouse spent most of his time on the flight simulator he’d built himself — a piece said to have evidence he’d rehearsed MH370’s fatal route. It’s imperative to note the Malaysian authorities have since affirmed Zaharie’s simulations had nothing sinister in them, yet he was getting close to another woman in the months before the vanishing. Coming back to his family, Daily Mail reports his daughter Aishah also implied he was in a bit of turmoil owing to the impending divorce, causing him to seem “disturbed and lost in a world of his own.”

Nevertheless, the most crucial aspect of all this is that Aishah ostensibly denounced this piece almost as soon as it came out back in late March 2014 by calling it out to be a complete lie. “Dear Daily Mail, You should consider making movies since you are so good at making up stories and scripts out of thin air,” she purportedly stated in a Facebook post. “May god have mercy on your souls. You can bet your a** I will not forgive you.” Though the one supposed truth in this record was the fact Zaharie’s family truly believes in his innocence — as indicated by his sister Sakinab Ahmad Shah.

Zaharie Ahmad Shah’s Wife and Kids Embrace Privacy Now

The truth is Faizah Khanum Mustafa Khan moved out of the home she shared with Zaharie shortly after the aircraft disappearance, only to then step away from the limelight entirely. Her children seemingly followed in her footsteps, and Sakinab has revealed they’ve all also sadly distanced themselves from the majority of his side of the family to maintain some privacy. Therefore, the pilot’s youngest, Ahmad Shah, stepping up to back his missing father mere weeks after the incident is the sole confirmed time any member of his immediate family has ever spoken to the public/media.

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“I’ve read everything online,” Ahmad, a 26-year-old language student, had candidly told the New Straits Times at the time. “But I’ve ignored all the speculation. I know my father better.” We should even mention that his daughter Aishah is believed to have graduated with a Bachelor’s in Architecture from Deakin University in Geelong, Australia, following which she lived in Melbourne for a while. As for her, her two siblings’, and their mother Faizah’s current standing, it appears as if they continue to reside in Malaysia, where they prefer to lead quiet lives well away from the public eye.

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