Daisy of Love: Where Are the Contestants Now?

In 2003, Daisy de la Hoya began her professional musical journey as a bassist and backup vocalist for the gothic rock group Seraphim Shock. She gained actual recognition, though, when VH1 producers became interested in one of her tracks and chose her to compete on the second season of the reality dating series ‘Rock of Love.’ Even though she didn’t win, her irresistible on-screen charisma earned her a spot on ‘Daisy of Love,’ which propelled her to superstar status.

‘Daisy of Love’ is a dating reality TV series centering on Daisy de la Hoya and 20 eligible bachelors who attempt to win her over. It’s been quite some time since the cameras stopped rolling in 2009, and fans must be curious to know where the contestants and their beloved Daisy are now. Well, let’s find out!

Daisy de la Hoya is Embracing Charity and Music Creation

Vanessa Mossman or Daisy de la Hoya gained popularity by being a part of the gothic rock group Seraphim Shock and later due to her appearance on VH1’s ‘Rock of Love’ season 2. The singer released her single “Heartbreaker” in 2007, followed by “Pretty Messed Up” in 2008. After the show ended, it was a dark time for Daisy, who fell prey to drugs and battled with addiction for years. In a 2016 interview with VH1, Daisy opened up about the dark phase in her life and the struggles she faced.

Daisy said, “I was just born into this type of thing which is something that I have been doing for a long time, and [this lifestyle] just maybe amplified it. I think it takes a certain type of personality. I think that’s just a part of who I am, but I’ve overcome those things now.” She dated the late Corey Haim in 2010 and left the show hand in hand with Joshua Lee AKA London. However, they broke up shortly after filming stopped. Over the years, the singer has made appearances in different productions, including ‘Hick,’ ‘Text,’ ‘Pageant vs Playmate,’ and others. She was also the composer for ‘Text.’

Daisy is set to appear in the film, ’51 the Movie.’ She also released her most recent song, “Addicted to Love.” She is dedicated to helping others through her charitable initiatives in addition to her career aspirations in the entertainment industry. Daisy extends her support to several charities. She is an advocate for animal rights and focuses on her humanitarian work at PETA. As of now, the reality TV star has gone under the radar and keeps a low profile away from the limelight.

Joshua Lee AKA London is Nurturing Music and Family Life

Joshua Lee is still working on his music and appears to be quite close to his daughter, who is 14 years old as of 2023. London is currently residing in Marietta, Ohio and has settled down with a beautiful partner Sarah Taylor; the pair have two adorable children. Joshua has continued to follow his passion for music and has since released great singles, including “Drift Away,” “Promise Land,” “My Mind’s Made Up,” “A Nighttime Prayer,” “When She Came Home,” “Until Next Spring,” and others. He performs live at different places, including House of Wines, and is living a great, happy, and peaceful life with his loving family.

TJ Markiewicz AKA Flex is Pursuing Personal Growth and Fitness

Since the show ended, Flex has been busy building himself up. He continued to focus on himself and motivated himself to push harder. The former reality Tv star has taken a leave from the limelight and is busy in his private life. He is currently working as an Independent Events Services Professional. The Naperville, Illinois resident has not shared any information about his dating life.

All the factors point to Flex likely being single at the moment. However, he is often caught posting great pictures of his gym body, and Flex is truly “flexing” hard. An interesting thing to be noted about the charismatic personality is that he is a great artist and though he hasn’t taken the art to a professional level, Flex is truly gifted. 

David Amerman AKA 12 Pack (Dave) is Engaging in Production and Family Life

David Amerman AKA 12 Pack has stayed in the industry and has been shooting a few productions now and then. Most recently, he has been working on the additional crew team for the production of ‘Gran Turismo.’ Prior to making an appearance on the show, 12 Pack appeared on ‘I Love New York,’ ‘The Tyra Banks Show,’ and ‘I Love Money.’ He has also made appearances on ‘The Grindhouse Radio,’ ‘Brimstone Celebrity Roast,’ and ‘That Collectors Show.’ Currently, he is working as an Auction Director at Goldin and is married to Amanda Amerman, with whom he has two young boys.

Derrick Tribbett AKA Sinister is Overcoming Personal Loss

Popularly known as Sinister and Tripp Lee, Derrick Tribbett is the main vocalist for the heavy metal band Twisted Method and is a musician and composer. Greg Tribbett, the lead guitarist for Audiotopsy and Mudvayne, is his younger brother. His other brother Matt Tribbett was a drum technician for the metal band Slipknot. He has currently collaborated with Big and Rich and is working as a DJ.

On the personal front, the former reality TV star lost one of his brothers Dustin Tribbett recently, and their family has taken a serious hit. The Big and Rich Musician is also working with Music Production at Country Fried Mix Radio Show. The former VH1 reality star is residing in Nashville, Tennessee, and is currently single.

Branden Mathena AKA Chi Chi is Focused on Music and Farming

Chi Chi has also reserved himself from the public eye and prefers to stay off-screen. However, he is still in love with his first love, music and has continued to create and jam to rock music. He is currently working as a Musician at Big and Rich and is residing in Ashland City, Tennessee. He still has his YouTube channel; however, it has been dormant for years. The former reality Tv star is also working as a farmer and is living his best single life surrounded by friends, loved ones, and of course, music. 

Jeremiah Riggs AKA Big Rig is Competing in Professional Fighting

Jeremiah Riggs AKA Big Rig or Mississippi, is a middleweight and welterweight professional wrestler and mixed martial artist. Since becoming a professional MMA fighter in 2007, Riggs has primarily competed in the Midwest and his native state of Mississippi. He participated in WWE ‘Tough Enough’ and ‘The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rampage vs Team Forrest’ on SpikeTV.

Big Rig appeared on ‘The Ultimate Fighter Season 7’ and is a Bellator & Strikeforce veteran. Currently, he is a fighter at BKFC or Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Big Rig might seem intimidating with his “big” physique and personality, but he is a real softie who loves spending his time with his wife, Ashley Turner Riggs and his beautiful daughter.

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