Dani Martin: Where is High Hopes’ Star Now?

If there’s only one way we can describe Dani Martin, it would have to be ambitious, fierce, and strongminded considering how she always thinks five steps ahead with her future goals in mind. The truth is this Hulu’s ‘High Hopes’ star was labeled a drama starter and troublemaker in the series, and although she does have these tendencies because of her impulsiveness, she’s also kind. In short, she’s simply someone who knows her priorities and won’t stand for crudeness or disrespect – only if that happens will she completely let go of all civility and stir the pot to no extent.

Who is Dani Martin?

Although not much regarding Dani’s early years is public knowledge as of writing, she did admittedly begin smoking weed at a young age – so much so that she doesn’t even remember precisely when. “Honestly, it’s been so long,” she once said in a candid interview with Cannabis Talk 101. “I’ve been smoking for so long, so like as long as I can remember, l’ve been smoking. I can’t [really pinpoint the exact time, but] I was pretty young and I definitely threw up a little bit after. Came back slinging the next day though.” And thus began her unwavering interest in the world of marijuana.

It thus comes as no surprise Dani was merely in her late teenage years when she began “budtending” for MMD, a legal cannabis drugstore that literally stands for Medical Marijuana Dispensary. Budtending is obviously a play on the words weed buds and bartending, which essentially means she’s a store saleswoman – she actually has been one for more than a decade. According to co-owners/founders Slava and Mishka Ashbel, she’s one of their top budtenders, which is why they haven’t let her go despite everything.

The brothers did relocate Dani from their flagship Hollywood store to their Marina Del Ray establishment, yet they ultimately called her back because her people skills were undeniable. She did raise another issue in 2023 by suggesting she launch her own cannabis brand, Dani’s Dank, at the same time MMD was launching their Little Matron brand because there’s obviously a conflict of interest. Yet she did back down upon realizing that even though her long-term goal is to establish her own brand and not serve as a saleswoman, she couldn’t burn these bridges for both personal and professional reasons.

Dani Martin Has Her Own Cannabis Culture Brand Today

Even though Dani was unable to launch Dani’s Dank on 4/20, aka April 20, 2023, she did debut it as a culture brand in September of the same year. It actually appears as if she’s still working on perfecting her own marijuana buds, but until then, she has started to set up the establishment as a one-stop shop for everything related. She only sells apparel on their website for now, yet per her own words, Dani’s Dank is more than just a brand; it is a platform that focuses on creating a lasting impact on society by being a testament to people’s love for all things cannabis.

In fact, Dani also revealed that her connection with marijuana is also emotionally personal; it turns out that this drug was arguably the only thing to bring her mother comfort during her final days with ALS. Therefore, the profound experience of witnessing the solace it brought her in those dark days solidified the former’s belief in cannabis’ therapeutic benefits while also igniting a passion in her to share it with the world. So today, this MMD budtender is determined to make Dani’s Dank a success and partner with the ALS Foundation so as to make donations and ensure advancements in treatments, support, and ultimately, hopefully, a cure.

We should also mention that Dani is incredibly proud of her stint in ‘High Hopes’ and seems to be set on continuing with MMD for as long as it doesn’t interfere with her operations at Dani’s Dank. “For me, this is my life, this was my life,” she recently told Rich Girl Network. “I’ve been with MMD for about a decade, a little over, and it’s exciting for me to kind of show the rest of the world who doesn’t know me already what I do [with this series]. Everyone that does know me, they know that I do this, they know I smoke, they know I go to a dispensary to work, and they know that I love it. I’m excited for everyone else to see it, even those that don’t smoke. I’m excited for them to see what goes on.”

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