Is Dark Desire a True Story?

Relationships can be complicated. That is the reason other relationships must not be judged. However, relationship differences often prove to provide some of the biggest sources of drama. This is universally true, as seen in most non-English productions too. In fact, that is what makes these non-English productions more accessible to global audiences. Netflix’s ‘Dark Desire’ is a Mexican thriller series that uses failed relationships in order to put viewers on the edge of their seats. The production is titled ‘Oscuro deseo’ in Spanish.

‘Dark Desire’ revolves around the character of Alma Solares. She is depicted to be a renowned lawyer and a prominent college professor. However, her marriage has lost its original spark. When she visits her best friend after her (best friend’s) divorce, she meets a man named Dario Guerra. She ends up having a passionate affair with him out of desire.

However, when she returns home, she finds Dario in her class! She had originally wished to forget about her extra-marital affair. But, that is not what the universe intends. What started as a one-off affair soon turns into a deadly obsession. It threatens to expose a lot more secrets.

The character of Alma is essayed by Maite Perroni. The prominent actress has starred in tons of productions like ‘El Juego de las Llaves,’ ‘Infidel,’ ‘Herederos por Accidente,’ and ‘The Stray Cat.’ The role of Dario, on the other hand, is played by Alejandro Speitzer. He has acted in projects such as ‘The Queen of the South,’ ‘The Club,’ ‘Someone Has to Die,’ and ‘I Like It But It Scares Me.’

Is Dark Desire Based on a True Story?

Several people would have wondered whether ‘Dark Desire’ is based on a true story or not. It would have been quite disturbing if it was. Well, the Netflix show is not actually based on a true tale. It is completely fictional.

In an interview, Maite Perroni revealed that ‘Dark Desire.’ was an interesting project to work on since she was playing the role of a woman older than herself. Moreover, the role of Alma was the most sexual character that the actor has played in her entire career. She said that the similarity between herself and Alma is the fact that both of them have lived their lives to the fullest. Moreover, the show, due to its sensual nature, was also a unique filming experience for Perroni. One of the challenges for her was filming intimate scenes in front of a large number of crew members.

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