Dark Season 2 Episode 2 Recap / Explained

Telling an extremely complicated story requires intricate planning, and ‘Dark’ exhibits its acute sense of storytelling by biding its time with important revelations. In the first season, it throws us into the past but begins its second season by opening the doors to the future. In the second episode of Season 2, it picks up some threads to tug at them further, while also leaving breadcrumbs that eventually shape up in the final season of the series. If you haven’t caught up with the entire series yet, head over to Netflix. SPOILERS AHEAD

Dark Season 2 Episode 2 Recap

In 2052, Jonas finds Claudia’s recordings and starts looking into the ball of dark matter in the now destroyed nuclear facility. He almost gets it to work, but it stops due to the lack of fuel. He gets more gas by distracting Elisabeth’s soldiers and stealing from them. But when he goes back to the machine, he is caught and is almost hung to his death, which is how he gets the scar around his neck, before Elisabeth decides to let him go. He is held captive, but a curious Silja frees him and decides to see the dark matter for herself, following which Jonas passes through it, into another timeline.

In the present day, Charlotte ponders over the picture of Noah that places him more than 60 years before Elisabeth met him. She wonders about Sic Mundus and believes that her grandfather knew about time travel and all the mess that follows it. She accompanies Clausen to Regina’s house where they discover that the Stranger had come to Winden around the time of Mikkel’s disappearance and left without a trace. In his drawings, Charlotte sees the things she had seen in her grandfather’s book, A Journey Through Time, which convinces her that somehow, she is connected to all of it.

Meanwhile, the Stranger shows Hannah the time machine and takes her back to the 80s where she sees Mikkel. In the same timeline, adult Claudia meets her older version, who tells her about time travel and leaves the time machine for her. Egon discovers that he is sick and tries to tell Claudia about it, but decides against it. He goes over his note of questioning Helge about why he took the forest road the day Mads Nielsen disappeared. He visits him in the hospital, where the mention of the White Devil comes up again.

Dark Season 2 Episode 2 Explained

The second episode of ‘Dark’ Season 2 expands the ground of time travel as the characters visit their past iteration and, in the process, let more people into the loop. The episode also mentions The White Devil, who has been haunting Helge all his life. He talks about Ulrich, who had tried to kill him as a child, and the intentions of the said devil are brought to the fore once again.

If the identity of The White Devil hadn’t already been clear, it becomes so soon enough when Egon finally meets his end. The devil is Claudia, or at least, the older version of her. She has been on the opposing side of Adam, while Helge was working for Noah, who was Adam’s messenger. As a child, Helge was told about the paths of light and dark and Noah convinced him that Adam was their savior, and hence, Claudia was their enemy. To scare him even further about the consequences of allowing Claudia to succeed, Noah painted the picture of the devil as her. Being a child, the fairy-tale method of identifying enemies stuck with Helge and he remembered Claudia by the same name, not knowing that it was the very woman he had loved all his life.

By giving away details like this, the show also teases us with some other things. Knowing who’s who is very important in ‘Dark’. Because the first season introduces so many characters with three iterations of each, it takes some time to get used to the characters and their storylines. By the second season, however, we have a good understanding of all the timelines and we are familiar with the characters. This is why, when someone new appears out of the blue, we make a note of remembering their name.

In this episode, we come across a new person who could very well be a random character. It’s just a nurse in a hospital, but what makes her important is the detail that the show doesn’t reveal about her. She talks to Egon about Ulrich, and all the while, the camera finds different angles to show us her face but also keeps her name obscured. We don’t get to read her nametag, which wouldn’t have been a big issue in any other show. But in ‘Dark’, everything is intentional, and we find out who she is in the third season. The woman in the hospital is Helene Albers, who turns out to be another important piece of the puzzle.

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