Where Are Dating Around Season 1 Couples Now?

Dating Around / Sarah

‘Dating Around’ is an American reality dating web series on Netflix, which has half-hour episodes and no trace of adventurous or weird activities, just fun dinner dates. Each episode of the series follows one person going on five blind dates, after which they choose one for a second date. The series includes people of various races and sexual orientations and is a very good depiction of the dating scene in the real world.

Season 1 of the series, which premiered on February 14, 2019, followed 6 such people from New York. They were all looking for love and were genuinely interested in starting a relationship. Wondering who they ended up with and where they are now? Let’s find out!

Luke and Victoria

Luke Hawksworth, the North Carolina native living in New York was looking for a genuine connection, so he met Ashley, Kate, Victoria, Tiffany, and Betty for his blind dates. All of his dates with the women went amazingly well and he even ended up kissing a couple of them during their time together, but, in the end, he went with the funny and goofy Victoria Lynne.

Unfortunately, they didn’t stay together. Luke confirmed on the podcast Reality Life With Kate Casey that he is “single and ready to mingle.” However, the two seem to be on good terms as they follow each other on Instagram and even occasionally interact on there. While Luke is still looking for the love of his life and working in NY as well as in LA, Victoria has already found someone. She got engaged in May of 2019 to a man named Carl and is looking happier than ever.



Well, what to say about this strong independent woman. Her episode was an inspiring one because even though she did go on 5 blind dates and seemingly enjoyed a couple of them, she didn’t pick anyone for the second date. After getting a divorce, she knew her worth and knew what she wanted, so she didn’t settle down. And of course, the clash between her and Justin about her past and their differences was an unforgettable part of the episode as well.

Gurki is still looking for the man she can fall in love with, but until then, she is focusing all her energies into her work as a Retail and Fashion Executive. Although she didn’t pick anyone for the second date, she remains close with almost all of the guys from her episode, namely Salim, Jay, Manny, and Bam, and has no qualms with blocking Justin out. She’s even remarkably close with her co-star Luke and has formed an amazing friendship with him.

Lex and Cory

Lex was the first gay person to have made an appearance on the series. The production designer’s creative nature and fun personality shone through in his episode. His blind dates included Mic, Jonathan, Peter, Cory, and Brad. And while he did enjoy almost all of his dates, he went for the awkward yet charming, Cory, the second time around.

Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last very long. But no worries, because both of these individuals have found love with someone else. While Lex is in a relationship with Max Rhyser, who works in real estate, Cory is in a relationship with Jinn-Erik. Lex and Max have been together for more than a year and, although Cory isn’t very active on his social media, it looks like he and Jinn have moved in together.


Leonard and Dianna

Maybe because of the age factor or maybe because of the way everyone interacted, but Leonard’s episode was one of the most heartwarming and sweetest episodes of the entire series. Being from the over 50 age group his dates with Karen, Lauren, Eileen, Gloria, and Dianna were very open and honest. And even when they knew that it would go nowhere, they still spent time together, just enjoying each other’s company. In the end, he picked Dianna.

As for where they are now, no one really knows. Neither of them has any form of public social media. It’s like we’d have to hire a private investigator just to find out what’s going on in another private investigator’s life. The only update we did get was from the series’ official twitter page over a year ago, but even that wasn’t conclusive as it said that they “may still be” together.

Sarah and Matt

Described by her friends as the perfect blend of nerdy, sexy, and cute, Sarah was one of the most fun-loving and playful people on the show. She was honest with what she liked and what she didn’t and wasn’t afraid to end a date when someone made her feel uncomfortable (ahem! John). Her other dates with Nick, Antonio, Adrian, and Matt went relatively well, and even though she could have gone with either Nick or Matt, she went with the latter, who proved to be the perfect choice as he knew that the way to her heart was through a can of Narragansett in a paper bag.

It seems like Sarah is currently single, but exactly what happened between her and Matt after the series ended is a bit of a mystery, to be honest. Matt’s Instagram account is private so we can’t even find out any information from there. Sarah has started being more active on her social media and has even shared her 9-minute Greek mythology joke, that Nick refused to hear, on there. It seems like she is just focusing on herself right now.

Mila and Charlotte

Mila and her fashionable self went out with 5 incredible women, Charlotte, Nina, Christina, Ashley, and Jarry. Her dates with all of them were incredibly fun and sincere, but in the end, she stuck to her type and chose the stud, Charlotte, for the second date. Which, to be fair, everyone saw coming, especially after they shared ice cream and a few kisses in the rain on the streets of New York City.

However, Mila and Charlotte did not end up staying together. They talked for a while but their connection fizzled out and Charlotte immediately got into a relationship with somebody else, which kind of ruined the hopes for any future interaction between the two as well. The good news, though, is that both women are now happy with someone else.

While Mila’s Instagram feed doesn’t prove anything, she did confirm in the comments section some time ago that she has a girlfriend. Charlotte, on the other hand, is now engaged to Genie, the woman she got in a relationship with right after Mila.


Although none of the couples ended up being forever, the cast members have formed deep friendships with each other that look like they will last for a lifetime.

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