Dave Amerman’s Net Worth: How Rich is the King of Collectibles Cast Member?

While it’s true that we first came across David “Dave” Amerman as 12 Pack on Vh1 and MTV, his recent appearance in Netflix’s ‘King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch’ is the most prominent. That’s because this reality series chronicles the daily operations of a leading auction house specializing in rare collectibles — Goldin Auction — and he’s the company’s second in command. If we’re being honest, it is surprising that this aspiring actor plus DJ has since evolved into a business employee, yet his career trajectory as well as personal interests do make it make sense.

How Did Dave Amerman Earn His Money?

Although a native of the Wycoff township in New Jersey, Dave reportedly always had dreams about making it big in the entertainment industry in front of the cameras as an actor, model, or host. Nevertheless, he still chose to pursue further studies upon graduating high school as a backup, resulting in him securing a Bachelor’s in English Literature before earning a Master’s in Business. Only then did this Montclair State University alum (2001-2004; 2004-2006) expand his wings, just to end up featuring in ‘I Love New York’ in 2007, followed by ‘I Love Money’ and ‘Daisy of Love.’

According to Dave’s own accounts, his time as 12 Pack on VH1 as well as MTV was rather lucrative, especially as it paved the way for him to go on tour as an electronic/techno DJ too. “I’ll eventually be moving out to LA to get into acting,” he’d candidly said back in 2007. “That’s what’s coming up in the near future. We’re making a good salary doing what we’re doing.” However, things obviously didn’t pan out in the way he’d expected as he evolved into a life insurance broker to make ends meet, all the while establishing his own memorabilia auction house.

It turns out Dave has been a lifelong collector of rare sports and historical items, with his first independent consignment dating back to the mid-1990s, so he decided to launch his own firm. Modern Marvels Auctions thus set up shop in 2007, only to quickly stand out as a specialist in modern insert trading cards, that is, until some issues arose and he had to shut down in 2009. No one could’ve ever even imagined he’d then evolve into an Engineer at Langley & Taylor, where he served for four years prior to rejoining the collectibles industry with Steiner Sports.

Dave was this organization’s Retail Account Executive for six months before quickly climbing up the ladder and getting promoted to Auction Manager — he held this title from 2016 to 2019. This is actually imperative to note since he jumped ship to Goldin Auctions in June 2019 to proudly work as an expert Consignment Director, which is a position he continues to hold to this day. Though he was also assigned Auction Director in October 2019 plus Head of Revenue in August 2022, both of which are key roles he has been consistently and unwaveringly managing too.

Dave Amerman’s Net Worth

Considering everything noted above — Dave’s entertainment stints and his nearly three decades of experience in the hobby — it comes as no surprise he has accumulated significant wealth for himself. After all, this former host of the online show ‘What’s It Worth?’ that helped collectors determine the value of their collectibles has actually closed consignment deals worth over $100 million. So, considering a commission of 20% based on the fact he primarily operates in the high-end market, the net revenue from his passion profession alone is around 20 million — though it does presumably get split with the auction house he’s employed in.

Nonetheless, Dave admittedly does receive extensive bonuses based on performance, and then there’s the fact his previous stint as a reality star plus DJ possibly earned him $1,000/week and $3,000/gig, respectively. Therefore, taking all these numbers into account, along with his likely assets (home, private collection, etc.), his being a proud family man with a wife and three kids, as well as his potential investments over the years, we believe his net worth is close to $12 million.

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