Ryan Krupa: Goldin Auctions Director Handles Client Partnerships Today

While it’s true that we can not speak of rare collectible items without bringing up Ken Goldin or Goldin Auctions, Ryan Krupa is gradually building a similar kind of reputation for himself. After all, as explored in Netflix’s ‘King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch,’ he has had an interest in the industry for decades and joined the former at his organization to spread his wings. Though what makes him unique is his ability to always connect with clients on a personal level, which makes them trust him with their buys or sales a lot more than they usually would.

Ryan Krupa Has Always Had an Interest in Memorabilia

It was reportedly back when Ryan was just a young boy that he first developed a passion for sports and sports collectibles, only for it to continue expanding as the years passed. In fact, he was reportedly attending Rowan University for his Bachelor’s in Business Administration when his interest in the latter as a profession piqued, driving him to genuinely consider it. Nevertheless, the VS Talent Group signed actor/model (2000-2017) kickstarted his career as a product management intern at ARI in 2016 before jumping to Walt Disney Television for a few years.

Ryan actually joined the organization as a sales & marketing assistant in September 2017, just to quickly climb up the ladder and evolve into a sales & marketing coordinator within six months. He held this position for three years prior to taking up the role of a digital reporter/social host for 2¼ years — he created viewer engagement, hosted live shows, plus reported on client events.

However, by the time spring 2021 rolled around, this Philadelphia area resident had decided to move to New Jersey for his passion and begin working at Goldin Auction as a Director of Consignment. According to reports, he generated over $50 million in sales here in a mere two years, meaning he quickly established himself as one of the best in the industry despite being one of the youngest.

Where is Ryan Krupa Now?

Although Ryan seemed perfectly content with his standing as a Director of Consignment, his success was such that he was promoted to Director of Client Partnership in January 2022. He proudly maintains this position even today, making it clear he was quick to grasp the collectibles market under Ken Goldin’s inspirational tutelage and has since even built incredible connections across the globe.

In other words, as a trustworhy and meticulous high-end market as well as modern sports cards expert, Ryan handles both national and international client meetings all on his own these days. Moreover, he continues to be a high-end card collector himself — per his profile on the company’s official website, he has been building his own personal collection for more than the past two decades.

As for Ryan’s personal standing, it appears as if he’s currently based in Marlton, New Jersey, where he’s living life to the very best of his abilities while surrounded by loved ones. He hasn’t ever shared much about his dating experiences publicly, yet we do know he’s extremely close to his immediate family — both his parents as well as his sister, Chelsea Lynn.

This much is actually clear in the way Ryan took his mother as his date to the New York premiere of ‘King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch’ season 2 and briefly even had a brand called Sibsense Fashions alongside the latter. His social media platforms further prove that the personal bonds we witness between those at Goldin Auctions on-screen during the reality show are very much real — he often hangs out with Carlo Civitella plus Dave Amerman just for fun.

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