Is Netflix’s King of Collectibles Scripted or Real?

Netflix’s ‘King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch‘ is a reality show that focuses on Ken Goldin and his company, Goldin Auctions. The entrepreneur and his team try to get their hands on some of the most coveted collectibles from across the world and give aspiring collectors a chance to buy them. Given just how successful the company is at what it does, it is no wonder that its clientele includes stars like Drake, Mike Tyson, Ric Flair, and many more.

The show provides viewers with a glimpse into a world that not many are a part of. The various items in the series often relate to a variety of fields like sports and entertainment, attracting people from across the world. However, this has also led people to wonder how much of the show is as authentic as it seems, and we are here to share what we know about the same!

Is King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch Scripted?

No, we do not believe that ‘King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch’ is scripted. The various deals and collectibles seen in the show do seem to be as legitimate as it gets. The high-profile clients that Ken often works with during the Netflix series only add to the authenticity of the show, which has become a favorite among everyone who is even remotely interested in collecting valuable items pertaining to various walks of life.

Two of the biggest names who helped make the show what it is are executive producers Peyton Manning and Brent Montgomery, and Ken could not help but be appreciative of them about the same. “I love Peyton. As you know, he’s very funny. He’s great to work with,” he shared with Daily Mail. “He collects himself, and obviously, he is a very aggressive businessman. He’s also competitive like me, he wants to win.”

Given the nature of Ken’s company, most of the deals are made through public platforms like the organization’s website. This allows prospective buyers to keep track of the bidding process and just how much certain collectibles can be worth. The company is also known for ensuring the legitimacy of the items that it sells and often consults with experts from various fields in order to make sure that what they are offering to the world is the real deal. Additionally, one can also avail of the services provided by Goldin Auctions to sell something of their own.

Interestingly, some of the celebrities that we get to see on the show are not only known to Ken Goldin but also have a friendly relationship with the man. In fact, he apparently met up with Drake in a nightclub during the 2022 Oscars 2022. The businessman has also been open about sharing some funny moments surrounding Mike Tyson. Ken has also found common ground with Logan Paul, who himself is part of the business world and apparently appreciates how the former built his business.

Overall, ‘King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch’ is perhaps as legitimate as it gets when it comes to documenting the world of collectibles and everything related to it. Ken Goldin has been one of the biggest names in the industry for many years and has earned a reputation that serves to boost the popularity of the Netflix series. Whether it’s his larger-than-life clients or impressive expertise, there are many factors that lend well to the credibility of the series.

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