Dave Davies: UFO Witness is Decoding the Broad Haven Puzzle Even Today

Netflix’s ‘Encounters’ is a documentary series that sheds light on various incidents involving people who believe to have seen something extraterrestrial. One of the cases covered in the show is that of Broad Haven, United Kingdom, in 1977. Believed to be perhaps the biggest case of reported UFO sightings in the country, the story remains an unsolved and intriguing one. Hence, the account provided by David “Dave” Davies in the show has made people quite eager to know more about him, and we are here to explore the same.

Who is Dave Davies?

David “Dave” Davies was around the age of 10 when he first witnessed what he claimed to be a UFO. The Welsh citizen shared in the Netflix show that he had been an introverted and shy kid who liked to stay indoors and read books. When many of his classmates came into class after lunch break claiming that they had seen something extraterrestrial, Dave had apparently been skeptical. “I was a natural born skeptic, so after the bell rang, I decided to go to the area that the children said they had seen it,” he told BBC Wales.

However, Dave confessed that when he decided to investigate, he saw something emerge from behind the trees. “Silver, cigar-shaped, about 45 feet long,” Dave explained when describing what he had allegedly seen in the show. “And there was just this thought that came into my mind to say that I had to run away.” Given that Dave’s story was far from the only one circulating in the area, the case soon caught the attention of the world.

While Dave received much support from his only parent, his mother, the same apparently could not be said about his classmates. “I suffered years of bullying and abuse during my secondary school years,” he explained to The Mirror. “Some of the bullying was horrific, but however much I was beaten, I would never recant on my account. Even at the age of 11, I refused to abandon my principles. These days, I’m quite defensive over the matter.” He even shared that in his 1978 appearance on the British show ‘Magpie,’ he could be seen with a black eye that he had gained due to the excessive nature of the bullying that he endured due to his claims.

Where is Dave Davies Now?

Now in his 50s, David “Dave” Davies had yet to forget his apparent encounter with the extraterrestrial. “I think about it all the time,” he told The Mirror. “The sighting, despite only lasting a few seconds, but is burned on my memory like a photograph. I’ve spent my entire life and countless thousands of pounds trying to find answers about what we saw that day. It has been a lifetime’s fascination driven by a desire to get to the truth.”

Due to his arthritis, Dave partially retired from his job sometime before October 2015, though he continues to talk about his childhood experience in regard to the 1977 Broad Haven sightings. “My personal inclination is that our particular sighting had a terrestrial origin. However, I have never ruled anything out,” Dave explained. He’s even shared his account in Neil Spring’s book, ‘The Watchers,’ which was released in 2015. In the book, he also claimed that the Ministry of Defence staff came to witness many of the children who claimed to have seen the UFO. Over the years, Dave has appeared in many projects exploring the mysterious case and is always happy to share what he believes to be the truth.

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