Mark Marston: UFO Witness is Living a Quiet Happy Life Now

In Netflix’s ‘Encounters,’ viewers get to know details of some of the biggest cases of UFO sightings from across the world, including the mysterious incidents that took place in Broad Haven, United Kingdom, in 1977. Among the various witnesses who claimed to have seen something otherworldly in the area is Mark Marston, a local resident who also appears in the documentary series.

Who is Mark Marston?

A nephew to Pauline Coombs, Mark Marston is a Welsh man who explained his own unordinary experience in the Netflix show. It was a nice evening in the year 1977 when Mark was walking down a well-traversed path near his home when he encountered something he still did not have all the answers to. All on his own, he was walking down the road when he apparently saw a glow on the top of an inclined field that he points out in the show.

“I noticed that in this glow was like an upside-down saucer. And I heard the hedge moving a little bit further down. And it was very, very quiet, and then this thing stepped out of the hedge,” Mark recalled. After the being had stepped out, according to the Broad Haven native, he registered its appearance. “It was a good seven feet tall,” he described. “It had like a silver suit with like a motorbike visor. That’s all it had for a face. Very, very dark.”

Afraid of what he was seeing, Mark explained that he started to run away from the being as it started walking towards him. He did look back at one point and saw it staring back at him, which only motivated Mark to run back home. His father came to the place of the incident the next day and allegedly found a footprint too big to be that of an “ordinary man.”  He was also contacted by his aunt, who asked about his well-being and, a few days later, allegedly saw something similar.

Marks shared that when he had told his teachers about the incident, he was asked if he was sure that his eyes weren’t playing tricks on him, to which he said that he knew what he had seen. Even to this day, Mark remains resolute about the truth of his experience. In 1977, he publically shared his story and even took others to the place where it had all apparently happened. His tale, along with many others, soon gripped the nation, with people wondering just what was happening.

Where is Mark Marston Now?

As of writing, Mark seems to be living a happy life, though it does not look like he is very active on social media. That said, he still remains open to talking about his experience in 1977. In fact, Mark still has several news clippings and other documentation of the stories shared by the local residents during that time. However, Pauline Coombs apparently did not seem as interested in revisiting the past as he was when he tried to show his collection to her. Mark recalled that when he had tried to insist that they had to talk about it at some point, she refused even that. We hope that Mark and his loved ones are thriving and that their future is full of love and joy.

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