Jiyo Sakuma: UFO Witness is Living a Happy Family Life Today

Netflix’s ‘Encounters’ tells the stories of some of the most intriguing and extraordinary stories out there involving claims of extraterrestrial sightings and involvement. This includes the alleged 2011 sightings of UFOs in Fukushima, Japan, though the various disasters that plagued that region around this time have also left a mark on the world. For Jiyo Sakuma, this whole case has many connotations, which he discusses in the documentary series.

Who is Jiyo Sakuma?

Jiyo Sakuma’s mother was born in Ishinomaki, Japan, and became an elementary school teacher, educating the children in her hometown. Jiyo shared how much his mother loved her school and her role as an educator. When the Eastern Japanese coast was hit by a Tsunami in 2011, Ishinomaki was one of the most severely affected areas. The school in which Jiyo’s mother taught was destroyed in the disaster.

In the Netflix show, Jiyo not only talked about his mother’s unfortunate passing but also about the claims made by several people that they had seen UFOs near the Fukushima nuclear power plant, which was destroyed on March 11, 2011, a few hours before the tsunami hit Ishinomaki. Talking about extraterrestrials, Jiyo shared that he had become fascinated by them at the age of 7, and he still believes in their existence. He stated that whenever he imagines aliens, he always perceives them as warm beings.

Apparently, Jiyo and his wife, Yuko Sakuma, had a close encounter with the supernatural about three months after the Ishinomaki disaster. Claiming that the experience changed their perspective about everything. He described an incident where his wife, Yuko, woke up around two in the morning, feeling that someone was watching them. Jiyo himself woke up to his wife’s screams, and so he got out of bed to look outside. He claimed that he and his wife saw a UFO right in front of them.

Yuko Sakuma

Yuko shared that they saw a bright light, and then the UFO started coming closer to them. Jiyo apparently started talking to the UFO, which allegedly started to respond by flashing its lights. Jiyo claimed that the UFO’s light started to change color into a deep pink. According to Jiyo, he feels like the lines were trying to tell him that he was right, while his wife stated that she felt like the non-earthly beings were able to understand them due to their own belief in them.

Where is Jiyo Sakuma Now?

Presently, Jiyo Sakuma works as a Visual Artist and still retains his belief in the aliens and his own alleged encounters with them. Both he and his wife, Yuko Sakuma, were open to sharing their story in the Netflix show and claimed that their encounter helped them gain a new perspective towards life. Jiyo himself claims that the incident transformed and healed him, something he seems appreciative of.

As such, the Sakumas remain fervent believers of extraterrestrials, though their feelings towards them seem to be quite positive. Presently, it seems like both Jiyo and his wife are quite happy in their lives. While they do not seem to be active social media users, we are positive that they are living happy and fulfilling lives.

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