Dave Tango: The Ghost Hunters Investigator is Still Exploring the Supernatural

Image Credit: Dave Tango/Instagram

Unraveling the nature of the inexplicable, ‘Ghost Hunters’ follows paranormal investigator Dave Tango along with a team of highly seasoned professionals in a series of bewildering situations. The Syfy Channel reality television show features a group of inquisitive individuals who undertake the horrifying task of visiting a haunted property to debunk mysteries and manage the fantastical elements. As one of the prime investigators and evidence analyst, Dave’s presence in the team has continued to be consequential. Given his place in the uncovering of the mystical, fans have grown curious to know more about the reality star and his life. So, if you’re wondering the same, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Dave Tango Grew Up in New Jersey

Born on March 20, 1985, Dave grew up around the love and adoration of his parents and elder brother, John. He was brought up in Linden, New Jersey, where he attended The Center School. Dave was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome as a child, a condition that affects the nervous system. He was thus enrolled in an educational institution known for catering to the services of children with special needs. Like his son, Dave’s dad, Bruce Tango, also shares the same passion for paranormal investigation.

The retired cop even appeared in several episodes of ‘Ghost Hunters’ to find and assuage mystical elements. One of his remarkable experiences included the investigation at the Burlington County Prison. He has even worked on a horror movie inspired by the terrifying events of his childhood, entitled, ‘The Staring Man.’ Now, the 38-year-old continues to embrace new challenges and opportunities with the support of his loved ones.

Dave Tango is not Foreign to the Haunted World

Before beginning his foray into the world of the supernatural, Dave used to be a magician. Enchanted by the power of magic and illusions, he used to perform professional shows for children and adults alike. Finally, in 2005, he joined hands with The Atlantic Paranormal Society and kickstarted his journey as one of the prime investigators in ‘Ghost Hunters.’ He continued his association with the worldwide paranormal television show for more than a decade. He rejoined the cast in 2021 and has continued his association with the pioneers of paranormal investigation. Over the years, Dave hasn’t just lent his expertise as a sound specialist and technical expert but also aided his colleagues in decrypting countless mysteries.

Having visited numerous haunted locations in his tenure, Dave has become renowned for his brave-hearted dedication to investigations. While his levity has added another layer to the fantastical series, he has since expanded his career manifold. Dave has starred in the ‘Ghost Hunters’ spin-off, ‘Ghost Hunters Academy.’ He has also appeared in ‘Destination Truth’ and ‘The World Within.’ His investigative nature, coupled with his curiosity to separate illusion from reality, has awarded him with enough experience to enter the paranormal world with absolute certainty. Naturally, the expert is not afraid to try new techniques and evolve experientially.

Dave Tango’s Love Life is Interesting

While his penchant for solving mysteries and uncovering the fantastical has kept him in the limelight, it seems that the television personality likes to keep other aspects of his life under wraps. Dave has never publicly announced his relationship status, nor has he alluded to the prospect of marriage. However, clues from his social media profile have often led fans to speculate about the nature of his personal life. Time and again, Dave has posted a close-up photo that offers a glimpse of his ring finger.

With a ring that looks closely similar to a wedding band, fans have been curious to find out if he’s married or not. Nevertheless, despite the different indications that point to something more, Dave has decidedly kept quiet on the matter. Despite keeping his personal life under wraps, Dave continues to share other interests that pique his curiosity. The television personality is a big fan when it comes to Disney and even likes to walk around Disney Springs when his schedule permits.

Dave is a supporter of local brands and enjoys going to food festivals and exploring new places. In tune with his love for the paranormal, Dave awaits Halloween and takes his costumes quite seriously. He is an avid fan of 80s synth as well. When the television personality is not occupied with commitments, he likes to play video games and enjoy his free time. Naturally, we look forward to all the new adventures that lie in Dave Tango’s future.

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