Steve Gonsalves: The Ghost Hunters Host is Also an Author and Drummer

Image Credit: Steve Gonsalves/Instagram

Uncovering the supernatural, ‘Ghost Hunters’ follows paranormal investigator Steve Gonsalves alongside other professionals on a whirlwind journey of the inexplicable. The Syfy Channel reality television show features the investigators encountering the remarkable forces of nature. As the group sets off on debunking new mysteries and helping families manage hauntings, several intense themes emerge. Given his years of experience and role in providing a gateway to horror, fans have continued to wonder more about the television personality. So, if you’re also wondering more about Steve Gonsalves and his life beyond the cameras, look no further because we’ve got all the answers right here!

Steve Gonsalves Found His Love for the Paranormal Through Movies

Born on October 23, 1975, Steve spent the initial stages of his childhood around the famous whaling port of New Bedford, Massachusetts. Aside from growing up around the remarkable fishing port, he also imbibed a myriad of experiences. While the television personality is largely quiet about his family and close ones, he shares familial relations with actress, director and producer Kelly Farrell.

Later in life, the Massachusetts native spent the majority of his childhood in Philadelphia. By the time he entered teenage, Steve had already had his first brush with the paranormal. Unlike his peers, the television personality found himself searching for answers in the shadows. While his interest in the world was piqued after watching a supernatural-themed movie, it wasn’t long before he began his foray into the world of the fantastical. Over the years, the 46-year-old hasn’t just imbibed a variety of experiences but has also focused on other aspects of his health.

After sharing problems with weight for years, he finally decided to take his health into his own hands. From cutting sugar to implementing a new lifestyle, Steve enacted several changes. Even when going to the gym didn’t constitute his favorite activity, the paranormal investigator continued to push himself to achieve great results. Based in Massachusetts with his cat, Fleur, Steve continues to explore the heights of his abilities.

Steve Gonsalves is an Author, Drummer, and Television Personality

Before he became a beloved sight on reality television, Steve had been working as a police officer. In addition to working in law enforcement, he had also joined hands with The Atlantic Paranormal Society, founded by his co-star Jason Hawes in 1996. Finally, in 2004, he paved the way for a worldwide explosion of the supernatural in Syfy Channel’s ‘Ghost Hunters.’ Along with Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, and Dave Tango, the television personality highlighted the acts of inexplicable forces for countless to view.

Consequently, Steve became a part of the show’s spin-off, ‘Ghost Hunters Live’ and ‘Ghost Hunters Academy.’ While his age-old fascination with the mystical helped the team catapult into authentic investigations, his penchant for investigation and former career as a police officer also helped him streamline the processes. In an interview with Daily Dead, the television personality confessed to his approach to the process. He explained, “I am a certain way (when it comes to the paranormal investigative world.) I used to be a little more rigid. When it comes to investigation style and technique, I don’t think there’s one way to do it or style.”

Steve stated, “You can take one location and have four or five different teams go in and get completely different results and then have a completely different episode.” Naturally, his unique stance on the mystery of the paranormal has allowed him to deliver the best results for his clients consistently. Over the years, Steve has investigated over 1,500 haunted locations. He has even had the privilege of working closely with Ed and Lorraine Warren, the principal pioneers of the supernatural world who were the inspiration behind James Wan’s ‘The Conjuring’ movie series.

Besides this, he has even worked with Dr. William G. Roll, who worked on ‘Poltergeist.’ Steve and Michael Aloisi have co-authored similar terrifying tales in ‘A Life With Ghosts.’ In addition to his success on ‘Ghost Hunters,’ he has even worked on ‘Ghost Nation’ and produced and co-directed the documentary, ‘The House in Between’ parts 1 and 2. From appearing on radio, television, and podcasts, he has even co-founded ‘Paramagazine’ a magazine publication under The Atlantic Paranormal Society. Once a drummer for the ‘Perpetual Doom,’ Steve continues to embrace new opportunities as part of his multi-faceted career.

Steve Gonsalves’ Dating Life is Interesting

Steve Gonsalves is not dating anyone, or so it seems. With a streak of commitments keeping him occupied, it seems that the paranormal investigator finds little time to devote to romance. However, he has had a loving relationship in the past. The television personality was once smitten with Alyce Haynes. The two had reportedly met during their days in school. The hallowed halls of their educational institution set the stage for romance to blossom. The high school sweethearts had been together for a long time. Steve had even taken to his Instagram account to display his affection for Alyce in a since-deleted post.

However, the couple later separated. While the duo never revealed the true reason for their separation, it seems that they have since diverged to explore different paths. Since then, Steve has remained relatively quiet about his personal life, leading many to believe that he’s currently single. Nevertheless, we continue to look forward to all the professional and personal milestones he will achieve in the future.

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