Davey & Jonesie’s Locker: Where is the Teen Comedy Show Filmed?

Crafted by Evany Rosen, ‘Davey & Jonesie’s Locker’ is a quirky comedy series that follows the misadventures of two best friends as they traverse the multiverse through a portal in their high school locker. Inseparable friends Davey and Jonesie spend so much time together that their teacher begins to worry about their social lives. When the duo notices their eccentric science teacher acting suspiciously, they stumble upon a hidden portal he built in a locker. Jumping through without a second thought, the two discover that the portal leads them to alternate versions of their school, with their classmates sporting different personalities in each.

However, their meddling with the multiverse does not go unnoticed, and they are chased by the Delinquent Acquisition Deputy (D.A.D) from the Management Organization of the Multiverse (M.O.M). The multiversal agent seeks to apprehend them and consign them to the Detention Dimension in order to wipe their memories of each other. The girls must navigate the chaos of multiple parallel school realities and find their way back to their home universe before it is too late. ‘Davey & Jonesie’s Locker’ is a vibrant and imaginative series that blends humor, heart, and adventure into a one-of-a-kind experience. Given the show’s kaleidoscopically shifting school settings, one might be intrigued to explore the real-world locations where filming for its episodes takes place.

Davey & Jonesie’s Locker Filming Locations

The shooting for ‘Davey & Jonesie’s Locker’ takes place entirely in Toronto, Ontario. Principal photography reportedly began on April 10, 2023, and was completed for the first season by June 12, 2023. After long hours of filming together, the lead actresses, Veronika Slowikowska and Jaelynn Thora Brooks, became close friends and acted similarly to their characters behind the scenes.

“We are musical theatre kids at heart, so we would make up songs for film terms like ‘pictures up’” explained Veronika in an interview while talking about their recurring eccentricities on set. “So it goes pictures up, so we go, ‘pictures up, pictures up, we’re ready to roll!’ and the entire crew was like: enough of that… We were the worst, annoying everyone together.” Let’s take a closer look at the filming destinations chosen for ‘Davey & Jonesie’s Locker.’

Toronto, Ontario

Known as the Hollywood North alongside Vancouver, Toronto becomes the main filming location for the series. Situated on Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore, the city boasts a diverse array of backdrops for filmmakers. These range from a sleek cityscape peppered with skyscrapers to quaint suburban communities with varying natural geography. Additionally, the series’ creator, production studio, and much of the cast are based in the city, making Toronto a natural filming location. The production company behind ‘Davey & Jonesie’s Locker,’ Marblemedia, has an office located at 74 Fraser Avenue within the Parkdale neighborhood. With a wealth of resources, talent, ethnic diversity, and infrastructure, Toronto has been home to other teen comedies like ‘Kick-Ass,’ ‘You Are So Not Invited to My Bat Mitzvah,’ and ‘I Woke Up a Vampire.’

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