Are David and Lana From 90 Day Fiance Together?

’90 Day Fiance’ on TLC strives to instill hope that love stories often exist beyond borders. However, David and Lana’s supposed fairy tale had fans rolling their eyes almost as much as Yolanda and Williams’ relationship. They believed that both Williams and Lana were catfishing their respective partners for personal gain. While the former did turn out to be a catfish, Lana happens to be a real woman. She only showed up to meet David after his fifth and final attempt to connect with her.

That said, there’s been a marked difference in the enthusiasm levels of their relationship. While David seems to be head over heels in love and has even proposed to Lana, the latter has been far more reserved in displaying affection. So, what is the couple’s relationship status now?

Are David and Lana Still Together?

Although David did propose despite the red flags, it seems that the two are separated. The two did seem to have a good time together, even if some bits were awkward. However, Lana supposedly wants a break from David because of the show’s notoriety. Fans are convinced that Lana is just not into David and has perhaps even moved on to scam another man.

Some fans have even posited the theory that Lana might be married to someone else, and has just been fleecing David. Whichever way you look at it, the chances of David and Lana getting back together are very less. However, seeing David’s Instagram profile, it is clear that he’s very much into the Ukrainian. You can check out his most recent post, which outlines a creepy strategy about how he got kisses from Lana after a date at a bowling alley.

David and Lana 90 Day Fiance Spoilers:

So, what can we expect from the Tell-All Episode, given that David and Lana aren’t currently together? Well, it has been revealed that David plans to move to Ukraine. Perhaps, he expects that Lana won’t avoid him as much if they are in the same country. However, fans are less sure about how much David’s plan of moving will help in his romance. For his part, David has assured others he does not want to move to Ukraine to be close to Lana.

He just mentioned the move as his plans regarding himself. It has nothing to do with his love life, as per the TLC participant. On the other hand, Lana is not going to be a part of the Tell-All Episode. David has clarified her position in her absence, saying that the show has portrayed her in an unflattering manner, as a result of which, she has received quite a bit of flak from people in online dating sites.

It is evident that he cares about her, as you can see in the image below.

David and Lana might not be together right now, but the former is holding out hope that they may work things out in the future. For David’s sake, we hope it is true.

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