Are Stephanie and Erika From 90 Day Fiance Together?

90 Day Fiance‘ is one of the most popular offerings on TLC, where couples find that love often transcends borders. They live with their better halves for a period and then decide whether to tie the knot. When Stephanie and Erika first came on the show, they were lauded as the first LGBT couple in ’90 Day Fiance.’ Since then, the rainbows and butterflies have given way to dark clouds on their horizon when it comes to their love life. Here’s their current relationship status.

Are Stephanie and Erika Still Together?

Stephanie and Erika have had a tumultuous relationship on the show but aren’t together anymore, as we reported. However, Erika has made it a point to stand up for Stephanie, who’s faced a fair bit of online backlash from fans claiming that she faked her sexuality to be on the show and gain fame.

Notably, Stephanie is already a YouTuber of some repute, and Erika has asserted that discovering or being comfortable with one’s sexuality is a very personal process. Thus, fans shouldn’t be so quick to judge Stephanie. That said, Erika is not too forgiving about what went down between the former lovers. She spoke to Entertainment Tonight, saying, “If I had known that a lot of the aspects of my lifestyle were dealbreakers for Stephanie, I would have said, ‘Don’t worry about coming,’ This is who I am, and I’m not going to change that. Like, this is how I live my life. … I travel a lot, and I do a lot of things I guess regular people wouldn’t do …. but Steph wasn’t OK with a lot of parts of my life. And I probably would have just gone, ‘Well OK, that’s fine. I wish you would’ve told me that before you came here because I wouldn’t have entered into it, you know?'”

Erika has clarified that distance wasn’t a factor in their relationship, but Stephanie’s insecurities and jealousy definitely played a part in driving a wedge between the two. Erika asserted that she did have happy moments with Stephanie, but there weren’t many. You can see that she’s doing well now.

Stephanie and Erika 90 Day Fiance Spoilers:

In the Tell-All episode, the couple will detail why their relationship went off the rails. There are reports that they aren’t on speaking terms, and bouts of arguments might erupt between Erika and Stephanie. The latter has made her Instagram profile private as well, perhaps after the online backlash.

On a better note, Stephanie did come out to her mother, who reacted in a shocked and disappointed manner. Perhaps if the participant had opened up about her sexuality earlier, things might have worked between her and Erika. However, coming out is a personal process, and one must respect the time Stephanie took. In more recent news, Erika has extended her support to the Black Lives Matter movement that has gained steam after the tragic demise of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Stephanie and Erika seem to have gone their own ways after their romance didn’t make either party very happy.

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