Are David and Lana Still Together?

’90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days’ takes us on the journey of international couples meeting for the first time after developing a connection online. These couples either work hard to make their relationship work or decide that the pressure is too much and end up crashing and burning. While for most people who appear on the show the making the relationship work is the hard part, but for some rare ones, actually getting their online love to meet them in person after arriving in their country is. And that’s exactly the case for season four’s David and Lana.

David and Lana: 90 Day Fiance Update

David, the 60-year-old Las Vegas native, has been looking for his happily ever after for a long time now. Having been unlucky in love in America, he has only been dating international women online, especially those from Russia and Ukraine for more than 15 years. And that’s how he ended up meeting his beautiful 28-year-old Ukrainian girlfriend, Lana.

Even though they met in a chat room almost seven years ago, David and Lana had never once talked on the phone or video called. In fact, David even revealed that he has traveled to Ukraine thrice before to meet up with her, but has been stood up every single time. With a camera crew following him now, after Lana was a no show again, for the fourth time, David grew determined to find her.

Exhausting all his resources, David returned to America dejected, but because he was desperate and in love, he hired a private investigator to look for his online love. We all assumed that Lana was a catfish, but in a surprising turn of events, when David listened to his heart and returned to Ukraine for his fifth visit, she finally revealed herself.

Although overjoyed to be meeting face to face, the couple starts having trouble immediately. Because Lana’s knowledge of the English language is limited, the couple has to use a translating app whenever they wish to communicate with each other. Plus, when David revealed the truth about hiring an investigator, she got upset and decided to leave after spending just a few hours together. However, they managed to talk things out, and although Lana gave him false information about herself, David was more than ready to move things along.

In the most recent episode, we saw them going on a date in a bowling alley, where they seemed to have a fun time together. David even bet Lana to kiss him if he could get a strike, and when he eventually did, the two shard an awkward first kiss, which Lana quickly ended. It’s obvious that she isn’t too comfortable with showing him too much affection just yet, and she made this much clear at dinner later on when David asked to spend the night together. So, where is the couple now?

Are David and Lana Still Together?

David had bought a ring for Lana and had talked about proposing to her during his fourth visit itself, and now that he has finally found her, he revealed that he will do it, just not yet. But, yes, the couple is still very much together and are, in fact, engaged. According to leaked footage of the show, Lana said yes when David finally decided to propose, and it seems like they are still going strong.

In the same footage, which showed reunion clips as well, Big Ed could be heard telling David that he was a fool if he believed that his engagement was real. Along with this, David even admitted to his co-stars that Lana hadn’t deactivated her different profiles on the dating websites that she was on. However, it looks like David isn’t bothered by any of it at all. From his Instagram account, it seems like he is just happy that he has been able to find the person he has been looking for. David is genuinely, head over heels, in love with Lana. Suffice to say that their love story is far from over.

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