David Fincher’s ‘Mindhunter’ Season 2 Teases Charles Manson

Netflix has released the official first look teaser for ‘Mindhunter‘ Season 2. The 1-minute clip offers a chilling glimpse of the new season of David Fincher’s drama series. There are some intriguing moments in the teaser such as the disturbing imagery of Rorschach tests and a glance at Charles Manson! Netflix previously teased that the infamous Manson would play a crucial role in the new season. The teaser also introduces the FBI agents Bill Tench (Holt McCallany) and Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff). Both the interrogators are seen drilling the infamous serial killer Edmund Kemper (Cameron Britton) for information about another deadly murderer cut loose. “Have you got somebody, Holden?” Kemper asks in the teaser. “Somebody you can’t catch?”

Executive produced and directed by David Fincher, ‘Mindhunter’ Season 2 will reportedly dig deep into the Atlanta child murder mystery. The series follows the early days of the criminal psychology and criminal profiling division of the FBI. Based on the true-crime book ‘Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Serial Crime Unit’ by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker, ‘Mindhunter’ garnered critical acclaim and audience praise for its intriguing take on the complex mindscapes of murderers. Like in the first season, which debuted in 2017, the upcoming season is expected to follow the pattern of FBI agents visiting prisons and interviewing serial killers. The first look hints at a possibility that the agents have booked a date with Manson and Son of Sam for a face-to-face.

“You could probably do three seasons on the Atlanta Child Murders,” Fincher said on KCRW’s podcast, ‘The Treatment‘ earlier this month. “It’s a huge and sweeping and tragic story. We couldn’t do it justice in the background of our nine hours.” The Atlanta Child Murders caught headlines when a series of killings terrified the predominantly African-American neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia, from the mid-1979 to May 1981. Wayne Williams, who is believed to be responsible for 23 of those murders, mostly African-American children, teenagers and adults, was arrested and convicted in 1981. He still maintains his innocence.

“In the 70s, post-Manson, post-Son of Sam, post-Zodiac, there really was, I don’t think you can say it was an epidemic, but there was definitely the feeling that the notion of this has gotten away from us,” Fincher said. “There was this transition. I remember it happening with Son of Sam. When I left the Bay Area in the mid-1970s and our parents moved to Oregon, you go 300 miles north and nobody talked about Zodiac. It had been this festering thing that had never been brought to any kind of closure but no one cared about it [outside of the Bay Area]. Then Son of Sam came, and it was Newsweek and Time, the cover.”

Back to the teaser, “He has an overwhelming fantasy life, fantasies of what he’s done, what he wants to do,” Kemper tells Ford and Tench when they ask him about the unknown killer. “His dreams will consume him. Soon the real world won’t even compare.”
“How do we catch a fantasy, Ed?” Tench asks.
“If he’s any good, you can’t,” Kemper replies.
Apart from Groff, McCallany and Britton, the series stars Anna Torv, Joe Tuttle, Albert Jones, Lauren Glazier, Stacey Roca, Michael Cerveris, and Sierra McClain. Check out the official teaser below.

‘Mindhunter’ Season 2 drops on Netflix on August 16, 2019. (Cover Image Courtesy: Netflix)