Review: Dead to Me Season 2 Episode 6

Dead to Me Season 2

People learn from their mistakes, but Jen is just making one mistake after another, and all of these things are going to catch up to her soon enough. Despite trying to be careful about every step, she seems to throw caution to the wind every time. She has created so many problems for herself now that it does feel sort of frustrating when another blunder is committed. But of course, being a normal, upstanding citizen of the community, she wouldn’t know anything about a perfect crime. (Not unless she reads a lot of crime novels!)

Dead to Me Season 2 Episode 6 Recap

After burning the car, Jen tries to remove all evidence of anything that connects it to Charlie. She discovers that his girlfriend, Parker, has posted the photos with the car and Charlie on her Instagram, and because she is a micro-influencer, she can’t take them down.

Judy gets a call from Detective Perez. She interrogated Judy about Steve’s last whereabouts. It looks like she was the last person he called multiple times. Meanwhile, Jen shows a house to Ben, who also gets a call from the police station. They found a body. Because Ben has no one to go there with him and confirm that it is Steve, Jen decides to accompany him. It rings another bell of suspicion for Perez.

In the evening, they go to church to see Henry perform, but he has cold feet, and they decide to have fun instead. At the end of it, another twist appears in the story.

Dead to Me Season 2 Episode 6 Review

How weird would it be to like a person who looks exactly like someone you killed in your backyard? If you can’t begin to imagine that situation, ‘Dead to Me’ might give that to you soon enough. Jen had wanted to keep a distance between him and herself because she doesn’t want to be reminded of Steve, and Ben is practically him, even if he says that they are non-identical. However, as circumstances had it, they were thrown into close vicinity to each other several times.

Though ‘Dead to Me’ tends to be a very unpredictable show, those looks between Jen and Ben give a good enough idea of where this might be going. Unless Jen comes to her senses and starts working on that distance again.
Contrary to her, the show gives Judy a breather, for a change. She had been in a rocky relationship with Steve. They had been on and off a lot, and to an outsider, it had a lot of signs of a toxic relationship. The phrase “chaos follows” has been used for both of them, sometimes by themselves, for each other. Moreover, a good person, though occasionally naïve, that Judy is, we also find that the events have been crueler on her. She also gets pushed around a lot and blames herself for everything, even though it is not her fault, not entirely.

Her budding friendship with Michelle came as a gust of fresh air for her. There was no fighting or yelling or keeping secrets here. Credit also goes to Natalie Morales, who has the knack to make her characters welcoming and charming every single time. No matter how big or small her role, she always manages to be on our good side. (It also reminds me of ‘Santa Clarita Diet’, but Netflix ruthlessly canceled it, so it is better if we don’t talk about that.)

The episode ends on yet another cliffhanger. This is perhaps the most laugh out loud and “oh damn” moment of the season yet. To wrap it up, it spells even more trouble for Judy and Jen. Somehow, this whole thing has turned more personal for the cops. The duo has already left a lot of red flags along the way, and once the police get adamant about it, they will find out everything, especially if they are emotionally motivated to do that.

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