Review: Dead to Me Season 2 Episode 7

Dead to Me

Heartbreaks don’t seem to stop for Judy. She might have sent away the rock which Steve had brought with him from The Petrified Forest, but that has not stopped the misfortune for her at all. At the end of the previous episode, we had discovered that the ex that Michelle was living with is none other than Detective Perez, the woman who has a distinct disliking for Judy.

She is already suspicious of her and Jen, and the fact that their paths keep crossing again and again, by some weird stroke of fate, will only make her more interested in them. Right now, being in the spotlight, especially that of the cops, is the last thing that Jen and Judy want. However, before they settle the problems on the outside, they will have to deal with the repressed emotions and disgruntles between themselves.

Dead to Me Season 2 Episode 7 Recap

After discovering that Perez is Michelle’s ex, as well as roommate, Judy discusses the situation with Jen, who instantly tells her to let go of the relationship because it puts them closer to danger. Ben shows up at Jen’s house, telling them about Steve’s car. He is expected to set a vigil for his brother, and seeing how he is struggling with everything, Jen offers to do it for him. She also finds it logical to be there because that would rule them out as perpetrators.

At the vigil, she meets Steve’s mother and feels guiltier about being the reason for all their pain and grief. Detective Perez also shows up and tells her that the perpetrator is most likely to have shown up, which makes Jen all the more paranoid. Judy finds out that Heidi, Steve’s girlfriend, whom she had met at his office before, is pregnant. She also finds Ben and Jen kissing, which upsets her even more.

Dead to Me Season 2 Episode 7 Review

As the season inches closer to the finale, the Pandora’s box of the blunders made by Jen starts to tear apart. The finding of the car makes the cops more adamant about finding Steve, and courtesy of her son’s little adventure with it, they will soon figure out where it had been for so long and who burnt it. Once that is done, it is only a matter of time before they figure out what happened to Steve?

The show, once again, pits Jen and Judy in a conflict of interest, especially when it comes to romance. Since the beginning of this season, Jen has been nagging at Judy for not slipping up. She has told Judy to let go of things and make sacrifices, and poor Judy has done all of that, despite knowing that Jen is the one who killed the man she loved. She did not get to properly say goodbye to Steve; she didn’t get to give him a proper burial. She was under constant pressure to keep her mouth shut, and when she finally had one good thing in her life, she was expected to let go of that at a moment’s notice.

Considering the stakes, it is understandable that she needs to be cautious. She barely knows Michelle and any divulging of secrets to her, be it through talking in her sleep or when she is too drunk to keep up her barriers, would be extremely problematic to them. Also, Perez wouldn’t like her ex sleeping with a woman that she doesn’t like and who she knows is a killer. So, of course, Judy had to be prudent and break-up with Michelle. But then, don’t the same laws apply to Jen, as well, who seems to be falling deeper into the trap that she has created for herself.

Anger is one of the important themes of ‘Dead to Me’, and by now, a lot of it has piled up for Jen and Judy. It is only a matter of time before one of them explodes.

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