Deanna Thompson: Where is The Mole Contestant Now?

As the players began to double-cross one another for an advantage in season 2 of Netflix’s ‘The Mole,’ Deanna Thompson emerged as one of the most honest and teamwork-oriented players who stuck to her guns and sailed into the final rounds. Her reactions to the incredulous decisions of her fellow competitors were almost as entertaining as the betrayals and twists themselves. Following the internet sleuth’s departure from the show, we are left questioning how Deanna has been getting along since.

Deanna Thompson Has Embarked on a Fitness Journey

Despite the highs and lows of ‘The Mole,’ Deanna seemed to have had an overall positive experience on the show and greatly appreciated the love and support of her fellow contestants. One of the main inspirations that came as a result of living a very different lifestyle for the weeks she was traveling with the cast and crew was eating healthier, being physically active, and losing weight. The change was quite noticeable, and the 51-year-old made up her mind to take it a step further.

“When I returned home from Malaysia I knew I had to do something,” wrote Deanna on Instagram about her time after the show. “And being over there with those people and going through the things we went through really inspired me to change. I was 224 (obese) when I came home and this morning I’m 175 (overweight). My goal is 160, and I’m very close but not giving up. I’m sending my entire thanks and love to the entire ‘The Mole’ cast for being so kind, helping me and encouraging me everyday.”

Deanna further explained that while in Malaysia, the contestants were given very fresh and healthy foods. After returning home to her old eating habits, the Nevada native began to experience headaches and stomach issues. At a doctor’s recommendation, she cut out gluten from her diet and began eating mostly whole foods. The following transformation was staggering, as not only did her physical ailments recede, but her weight dropped rapidly, leaving her feeling and looking much younger.

Deanna Continues to Cover Killers and Crime Today

The Las Vegas native actively shares her insights on killers and crime, and she is something of a celebrity in that field. Deanna first rose to fame when she led an internet group along with John Green in a digital investigation that sought to uncover the identity of a twisted man who suffocated two kittens and posted a video of it online. The group successfully managed to locate the perpetrator, Luka Magnotta, and Deanna’s detective work was brought under the spotlight through the 2019 Netflix documentary, ‘Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer.’

Deanna has continued to follow up on any updates regarding Magnotta and reacted to his 2022 shift to a medium-security prison with distaste. Magnotta is serving a life sentence for the murder of John Lin. ‘The Mole’ contestant also hosts a crime podcast, ‘Real Crimes with John and Deanna,’ which she and Green started after the Netflix documentary opened the doors to a larger audience. She also made an appearance on ‘Not Another True Crime Podcast.’ However, Deanna has not made any updates about the future of her podcast following her time on ‘The Mole.’

Deanna Often Takes a Break From Work to Spend Time With Her Loved Ones

After her time on the show, Deanna seemed to let her hair down as she began her weight loss journey. She attended a wedding on June 8, 2024, celebrating the joyous occasion with her friend, the bride, and congratulated their union. She also attended a ‘Battle Bots‘ match in Las Vegas, Nevada, and made a 3D-printed LED lamp that changed color to match the music being played. The 51-year-old doted over her brother, Eric, as he had his first public photography show in October 2023 and shared his work with pride.

Deanna did, however, host the inaugural Paint and Drink party by Queen Bar Las Vegas on April 20, 2024. The event followed a cat theme, and the organizers pledged a portion of the ticket sales to help save the vulnerable pets of Southern Nevada. The beginning of July 2024 saw Deanna reunite with fellow ‘The Mole’ season 2 contestant and Las Vegas resident Sean Bryan. The two brought their family and friends together for a watch party and seemed to share an exciting day together.

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