Sean Bryan: Where is The Mole Season 2’s Mole Now?

‘The Mole’ is a reality game show which has contestants completing challenges to make their prize money while a mole sabotages their efforts. Each challenge is followed by a quiz on the mole’s identity which the participants must complete based on their deduction, institutions, and suspicions, resulting in the person with the lowest score being eliminated. Hosted by Ari Shapiro, the second season of the Netflix show introduced us to a group of challengers whose schemes and misdirection threatened to put the mole to shame.

Among the multifaceted personalities was Sean Patrick Bryan, who introduced himself to everyone as a stay-at-home dad while actually being a former undercover cop. He showed genuine team effort in the initial challenges but also seemed to lean towards sabotage and manipulation later on. It became difficult to ascertain whether Sean was putting on an elaborate act of being simple and easy to read or being largely genuine, making him one of the most intriguing personalities in this installment. In the end, it turned out he was the mole.

Sean Patrick Bryan Works as a Part-Time Actor

If we or any of the contestants had watched some of the recent films and shows involving uniformed servicemen very closely, there is a high possibility we would have spotted Sean Bryan featuring in some of them. This is because the 43-year-old is a prolific part-time actor who often takes up background/extra roles in movies and TV series. His profession as a retired undercover police officer himself lends credibility to some of his performances related to the same, while his love for the work keeps bringing him back to sets. Sean has portrayed Officer Swanson as well as Officer Sinclair in ‘America’s Most Wanted,’ a villager in Netflix’s ‘Rebel Moon – Part One: A Child of Fire,’ a stormtrooper in Disney’s ‘The Mandalorian,’ and a tech security guard in ‘Obliterated.’

Sean’s work in television has extended to a number of other roles too, such as serving as a stand-in for the ‘13th Annual NFL Honors’ and refereeing for ‘Battle Bots’ since 2017. He also depicts uniformed personnel in various films and shows like Hulu’s ‘Dave,’ ‘Phrogging: Hider in My House,’ ‘The Terminal List,’ ‘SEAL Team,’ ‘CSI: Vegas,’ and ‘Tacoma FD.’ You may also see him in the upcoming productions of ‘Cocaine Sisters’ as Mr. Brady, ‘Boneyard,’ as a SWAT officer, ‘Studio’ as a gambler, and ‘Absolute Dominion’ as a coach. The frequency at which Sean has been taking up acting roles since 2017 indicates a genuine love for storytelling and a dedication to bringing characters to life.

Sean Patrick Bryan is a Caring Family Man

Outside of his part-time acting career as well as his former profession as an undercover narcotics officer, Sean Bryan embraces another vital role: that of a devoted stay-at-home dad. What is undoubtedly true is that his wife and children are constant sources of inspiration and motivation for him, grounding him amidst the hustle and bustle of juggling various gigs. Sean’s commitment and dedication to his family could be felt at various stages of the show, especially as he spoke of them highly at every turn — it was a part of his strategy to come across as a whiny dad, but he did consistently express genuine care and love for them too. Sean maintains little in the way of an online presence but frequently talks about his Las Vegas, Nevada-based family and their achievements.

Sean has been married for 21 years to Ky and has two sons. The family seems to share heartwarming bonds of mutual support regarding each of their ventures. Both sons, Jordan and Payton, have a passion for baseball, which Sean and Ky support regardless of the sacrifices they have to make. In May 2024, the proud father shared moments from Payton’s baseball banquet in celebration of his successful sophomore year at Shadow Ridge High School and on its baseball team. The father of two is also a self-professed hardcore fan of ’80s and ’90s boy bands. As Sean continues to take up multiple roles for the silver screen and his family, we only hope to see more of the retired undercover cop in upcoming productions.

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