7 Shows Like The Terminal List You Must See

Image Credit: Arpi Ketendjian/Amazon Prime Video

Based on the 2018 namesake novel by Jack Carr, ‘The Terminal List’ is a military action thriller series. It follows James Reece (Chris Pratt), husband, father, and Navy SEAL team leader. After losing both his family and squad, Reece discovers that their deaths are linked to a massive conspiracy. As he begins unraveling the said conspiracy, he maintains a list of people that were directly involved in the deaths of his loved ones and eliminates them. If you have watched ‘The Terminal List’ and loved it, here is a list of recommendations that might fit your taste. You can watch most of these shows similar to ‘The Terminal List’ on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime.

7. The Boys (2019-)

Like ‘The Terminal List,’ ‘The Boys‘ is unapologetically violent, and revenge serves as one of its core motifs. A loose adaptation of the namesake comic book series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, the series is set in a world where superpowered people exist, but their powers are exclusively the result of certain drugs. The superheroes in this world are cynical, corrupt, and in many cases, downright psychotic. They are controlled by a corporation called Vought International. The story predominantly revolves around two opposing groups. The Seven is made up of the seven most well-known heroes in the world, whereas the titular Boys group comprises vigilantes fighting against Vought and its supes army.

6. Jack Ryan (2018-)

Jack Carr, the author of the ‘Terminal List’ book series, cites Tom Clancy, the creator of Jack Ryan, as one of his favorite authors. While Ryan and Reece might be vastly different characters, their stories are set in similar worlds. Ryan (John Krasinski) is a former member of the Marine Corps who now serves as a CIA financial analyst. In the first season, Ryan deduces that terrorist Mousa bin Suleiman has used $9 million for unknown reasons. His discovery draws the attention of higher-ups in the CIA, and he is taken to Yemen, where he encounters Suleiman himself.

5. Homeland (2011-2020)

Like ‘The Terminal List’ and ‘Jack Ryan,’ Homeland‘ is also set in a world of cloaks and daggers. Based on the Israeli drama series ‘Prisoners of War’ created by Gideon Raff, ‘Homeland’ primarily revolves around Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), a CIA operations officer, who comes to suspect that U.S. Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) has been turned to serve the interest of America’s enemies during his years of captivity. Despite the suspicion, she begins a torrid affair with Brody, who is married and has children. ‘Homeland’ was one of the most influential shows of the 2010s with its expansive narrative, soapy-style drama, and unexpected twists and turns.

4. Hell on Wheels (2011–2016)

Like ‘The Terminal List and other entries on the list, ‘Hell on Wheels’ is a revenge saga, at least initially. The story is set in the years after the American Civil War. Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) is a former Confederate soldier who becomes part of the railroad searching for the Union soldiers who murdered his wife and son. However, much to his surprise, Cullen finds a life worth living on the railroad. The show’s title refers to the mobile encampment that trailed behind the railhead west across the Great Plains.

3. The Punisher (2017–2019)

The Punisher‘ was one of the MCU shows originally available on Netflix along with ‘Daredevil,’ ‘Jessica Jones,’ ‘Luke Cage,’ ‘Iron Fist,’ and ‘The Defenders.’ Like Reece, Frank Castle has a military background. His family is brutally killed, which prompts a transition in him, and Castle becomes the vigilante, the Punisher. The series begins as Castle systematically hunts down all gang members that murdered his family. However, he soon discovers the deaths of his wife and children were part of a larger conspiracy with which certain elements of the government were involved. Predictably, Castle sets out to destroy them all.

2. Shooter (2016–2018)

USA Network’s ‘Shooter’ is developed from the 2007 film of the same name and American novelist Stephen Hunter’s 1993 book ‘Point of Impact.’ Ryan Phillippe portrays the protagonist Bob Lee “the Nailer” Swagger in the show, whereas Mark Wahlberg plays the character in the film. Wahlberg also serves as an executive producer on the series. Bob Swagger is a former Force Recon Marine Gunnery Sergeant and MARSOC CSO Scout/Sniper. Isaac Johnson, Bob’s erstwhile captain, reaches out to him and convinces him to help with the US President’s security detail. However, when the Ukrainian president is killed, and Bob fails to protect him, he becomes a wanted man. Like Reece, Bob is a sniper and finds himself to be a victim of a conspiracy.

1. SEAL Team (2017- )

Both ‘The Terminal List’ and ‘SEAL Team‘ give emphasis on the ordinary lives of Frogmen. Created by Benjamin Cavell, ‘SEAL Team’ is an action drama series that depicts in detail the everyday aspects of life as a Navy SEAL. The show predominantly revolves around the Bravo team, the most elite section even among the Navy SEALs. As these brave people travel across the world and try to protect their country, they also come to terms with the new realities of their lives. The plot of ‘SEAL Team’ switches back and forth between personal drama and a high-octane action thriller.

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