Dear Edward Episode 7 Recap: Folklore

Based on the 2020 namesake book by Ann Napolitano, the Apple TV+ series ‘Dear Edward’ revolves around the relatives of people who die in a massive plane crash. The plot especially focuses on Edward (Colin O’Brien), the sole survivor of the crash, and how he deals with being referred to as the “Miracle Child.”

In episode 7, titled ‘Folklore,’ different characters we have encountered until now face significant trials and tribulations. An old video of Adriana (Anna Uzele) goes viral, sending her political campaign to spiral out of control. Kojo faces the dilemma of whether to return to Ghana or stay in the US. Steve (Ivan Shaw) recalls his last encounter with his brother, where he basically threw Brent out of his office. Lacey’s (Taylor Schilling) world comes to a sudden halt because of John’s certain announcement. Here is everything you might want to know about the ending of ‘Dear Edward’ episode 7. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Dear Edward Episode 7 Recap

The episode begins with Edward texting Mahira while lying on the floor of Shay’s room. It becomes evident that Edward has a crush on his late brother’s girlfriend, and Shay figures out that it’s the other girl he has been texting, prompting her to declare that Edward can’t sleep in her room that night. She spots her estranged father, Xavier, outside and realizes he is home. Now, she basically throws Edward out.

The following day, Edward asks Lacey and John about the man he saw, and they explain who he is. John clearly doesn’t have a high opinion of Xavier, and it becomes apparent that he is quite right in this regard. Xavier intrudes into his daughter’s life, and despite knowing how passionate she is about roller derby, he imposes his will on her to choose a more conventional sport.

Elsewhere, Steve tries to help Dee Dee with her finances, but the latter refuses to part ways with any of her assets, much to the former’s frustration. We learn that she has decided not to sell the condo yet. Steve suggests that Dee Dee should consider selling her house, which Dee Dee vehemently refuses as this was where her daughter grew up. Incidentally, it’s the day of her wedding anniversary. When the champagne bottle that her husband selected with Zoe’s help as an anniversary gift finally arrives, Dee Dee comes undone.

Adriana’s valedictorian speech, in which she advocated for making 50% of any new residential building available for low rent, goes viral. It garners her considerable negative attention from the Conservatives, so she decides to go to Bear Mountain with Becks and Kojo. Neither Adriana nor Kojo is prepared to say goodbye to each other, but that seems inevitable, with Kojo wanting to go back to Ghana and Adriana’s desire to succeed her grandmother.

Since their argument, Steve has been distant from Amanda, who shows up outside Steve’s building in this episode unannounced and asks him to come back to the grief group. Steve initially declines but later arrives to help out at the charity garage sale organized by the group.

It turns out that Sam is in an eerily similar position in life as Charles used to be when he was alive. Sam is clearly gay, or at least bisexual, but he refuses to acknowledge that aspect of his personality. Like Charles, he has a wife and a daughter and has tried to snuff out that part of him that was in love with his childhood best friend.

Dear Edward Episode 7 Ending: Why Does John Move Out?

The relationship between John and Lacey is already in trouble when the series begins. The events in the show only make things further complicated between them. After the plane crash, when John and Lacey bring Edward to their home, it’s a lot of adjustment on their part as well, and it definitely doesn’t come with a manual.

John has watched Lacey go through multiple miscarriages, and the experience has traumatized him as well. He wanted to stop for a long time, but Lacey finally does after Edward comes to their home. To keep a promise to Edward, John drives to the field where the plane crashed in Colorado and sends photos.

While it has a positive effect on the boy, that is not the case whenever he brings up his unique experience to other people who are mourning. In this episode, Lacey has to take him aside and point out how his sense of grief negatively impacts others. Later that day, John and Lacey reconcile, but as they are on the bed together, John announces his decision to move out to a shocked Lacey.

What Does Mahira Want to Talk about?

Although Edward is now aware that his brother is dead, he continues to see Jordan, especially after he starts to develop a crush on Mahira. When Mahira sends him a photo of her with Jordan, he crops his brother out, noting that Jordan is gone. It’s ultimately a different manifestation of grief — an attempt to be happy in a world from where your loved ones are gone.

Shay quite easily figures out that Edward has a crush on Mahira, and the latter perhaps knows this as well. Mahira is likely to play an important role in the narrative as Edward continues to heal, but she can’t be in his life in the same way as she was in Jordan’s. She probably wants to meet him to set those boundaries.

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