Was Charles Gay or Bisexual in Dear Edward?

Apple TV+’s drama series ‘Dear Edward’ revolves around the family members of the victims of the Trinity Flight 1483 crash. Dee Dee loses her husband Charles due to the flight crash, which leads her to several secrets about him. She learns that her New York City-based husband had been unemployed for more than a year, a period in which he lived in Los Angeles. She goes to Los Angeles to know more about Charles’ life in the city, only to find out that he had been heavily involved in an LGBTQ+ group. Dee Dee starts to wonder whether her husband was gay. If you are eager to know more about the same, you are at the right place! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Charles’ Sexuality?

Dee Dee goes to Los Angeles upon knowing that her husband Charles has a secret condo in the city. Upon arriving at the house, she comes across a card written by Noelle and thinks that Charles had been cheating on her with the woman who wrote the same. Dee Dee then meets Noelle and her family, only for the latter to reveal that “Charlie” was a pivotal supporter of the LGBTQ+ center she has been running. She grows suspicious of her husband’s involvement with the group, especially since the same had physically separated him from her and their daughter Zoe.

Dee Dee returns to Charles’ condo and goes through his photographs, only to notice a particular one in which he is accompanied by a man. She starts to suspect that the man in the photograph is her husband’s lover. From T, Dee Dee finds out that the man in the photograph is Evan, who was Charles’ constant companion whenever he lived in Los Angeles. The more she tries to know about her husband’s life in Los Angeles, the more she gets curious about his sexual orientation as well. Although she suspects that Charles was gay, nobody knows a definite answer.

Charles arrived in Los Angeles to explore his sexual orientation. He had doubts concerning his supposed heterosexuality, which led him to Noelle and her LGBTQ+ group. Upon interacting with the queer community of the city, Charles might have come to terms with his real sexuality. Since Noelle, his closest friend in Los Angeles, is unable to answer whether Charles is gay, it is safe to say that he never bothered to label his sexuality. Thus, Dee Dee is not expected to get a concrete answer to her question. From Noelle’s words, it is clear that Charles only cared about following his emotions and impulses when it came to his sexuality.

Charles and Evan cherished a sexual relationship while the former lived in Los Angeles. Through Evan, Charles might have been able to navigate through his true feelings and sexuality, which explains why he chose to be away from Dee Dee and their daughter Zoe. The two women might have started to represent a long period during which Charles had to pretend to be someone he is not. Still, Charles loved his family. That’s also the reason why he sends his last words, before the crash, to Dee Dee instead of Evan. After spending years loving and taking care of Dee and Zoe, Charles left for Los Angeles to take care of his true self as well.

Ted Koch, who plays Andrew Wyatt in ‘The Blacklist,’ plays Charles in ‘Dear Edward.’ Since Charles is a queer person, the viewers must be wondering whether Koch is one as well. However, the actor has chosen to not discuss his sexual orientation in public.

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