Dear Edward Episode 8 Recap: Music

Developed from the 2020 novel of the same name, ‘Dear Edward’ is an Apple TV+ series that revolves around a group of people who lost their loved ones in a plane crash, with a special focus on Edward (Colin O’Brien), a young boy who is the sole survivor of the crash. In episode 8, titled ‘Music,’ Edward feels overwhelmed by the changes around him. Dee Dee (Connie Britton) drags Steve (Ivan Shaw) into her family problems when she asks him to tell her daughter about their financial troubles. Adriana (Anna Uzele) faces yet another challenge in her efforts to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps. Here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Dear Edward’ episode 8. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Dear Edward Episode 8 Recap

The episode begins with Edward, lonely and seething in anger. In his last interaction with Shay, he said certain things about her father, which, while true, seems to have strained their friendship. Edward visits the music class at school, and as he watches one of the students play, he is reminded of playing the instrument with his father. The grief again finds him, and he promptly leaves.

With John moving out, Lacey’s (Taylor Schilling) life has become even messier. For the first time since Edward came to live with her, she shouts at him for ignoring her, likely directing part of her anger and frustration meant for John at her nephew. She instantly regrets that and when Amanda (Brittany S. Hall) offers to fix Edward’s piano, Lacey gladly accepts.

If Lacey’s life has become messy after the crash, Amanda’s life has spiraled out of control. After sleeping with her dead fiancé’s estranged brother, who, by the way, is engaged, she experiences longing, and it is reciprocated. While having sex with his fiancée, Steve pretends that it’s Amanda.

Unsure whether to sell her house, Dee Dee decides that she will have to speak to her daughter first and strong-arms Steve into agreeing to be present there. The conversation goes as smoothly as one can imagine. Zoe can’t believe that her father has left them in such a poor financial state and blames her mother for everything. Despite this, Dee Dee refrains from telling her daughter about her husband’s activities in Los Angeles.

Adriana discovers that her grandmother paid her more than other members of the staff and inevitably has to weather a social media storm with accusations of nepotism. When that seems to simmer down, she is photographed with Eric, prompting social media to think they are dating. With all this happening quite publicly, Kojo (Idris Debrand) finds out and becomes agitated. He and Adriana are both caught in a tricky situation.

What they have between them is clearly genuine, but they also have responsibilities tugging them in opposite directions. If the relationship has to survive, one will have to make a compromise. However, that will betray how these two characters have been developed until this point. Not every story needs to have a happy ending. Some romances are temporary, but that doesn’t mean we can’t cherish them.

Sam (Dario Ladani Sanchez) spends the entire day texting Vernon (Trent M. Williams). Soon, that transitions to sending half-naked photos of themselves to each other. Toward the end of the episode, when Vernon sends a picture, Sam’s wife is in the room. Sam isn’t in the room, so she picks up the phone. As shocked as she is seeing the picture Vernon has sent her husband, it is no match for when she finds what her husband sent.

Dear Edward Episode 8 Ending: Does Dee Dee Sell Her House?

Despite how overcrowded ‘Dear Edward’ sometimes seems, Connie Britton’s Dee Dee always manages to stand out. She is so overwhelmed by her circumstances that she hasn’t gotten the chance to grieve properly. She met Charles when she was still a teenager and didn’t have to be actively involved in some of the biggest financial decisions of her family until now. As she deals with her problems, her larger-than-life personality becomes a source of humor in an otherwise depressing show.

In this episode, Dee Dee finally decides to sell her house. Although she interrupts as a realtor named Jake shows the house to a couple, assuring them that he will convince Dee Dee to leave the chandelier behind, and refuses to move to a small apartment, she seems to realize that letting the house go will be part of the grieving process. She and Charles built their family in that house and raised Zoe, but that part of her life is now over, and she has to acknowledge that. Dee Dee calls Jake and tells him she requires a 60-day escrow, indicating that she will sell the house. She then adds that the chandelier is coming with her, referring to the realtor’s earlier assurance to the buyers.

Why Does Edward Push the Piano down the Stairs?

Playing the piano has always been something special for Edward, not just because he is a music prodigy. Edward’s earliest memories of the piano involve his father, who was his first teacher. And even though his parents hired a professional music teacher when they could no longer teach him, that connection remained.

In this episode, Edward feels increasingly lonely as Mahira tells him that she needs to say goodbye to both him and Jordan. Like Edward, Mahira has seen Jordan around her after his death. She needs space to grieve and can’t do that with Edward being part of her life.

Meanwhile, on her father’s insistence, Shays starts playing golf. As a peace offering, Edward builds a small golf park for Shay. When they finally speak, Shay reveals that she recently had her first period and tells Edward that he can no longer sleep in her room. As Edward tries to figure out why everyone is leaving him behind, he lashes out against music, pushing the piano at school down a flight of stairs.

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