Death in Paradise Season 14 Begins Shooting in Guadeloupe in April 2024

The filming of the fourteenth season of BBC’s detective series ‘Death in Paradise’ is scheduled to commence in Guadeloupe in April 2024. Created by Robert Thorogood, the French-British show was renewed for the thirteenth and fourteenth installments in February 2023. The shooting of the thirteenth season concluded recently, with the same gearing up for the anticipated premiere in January 2024.

In the twelfth season finale, Neville Parker (Ralf Little) contemplates leaving Saint Marie after a personal betrayal. However, after grappling with the aftermath and solving a final case with the team, which includes Naomi, Marlon, Darlene, and the Commissioner, Neville has a change of heart and decides to stay on the island. Little previewed what’s to expect in the thirteenth round in a Q&A session.

“We’re going to try and pick up with the tone [from] the end of last year. We really tried to push the boat out with series 12 with not just a mystery every week, and just solving the mystery and moving on, but over the course of the series really trying to find challenges for the main characters. There’s going to be more challenges for the characters,” the actor said about season 13, as per Radio Times. Since the thirteenth season is yet to be released, it remains uncertain what twists and turns await in the fourteenth installment.

The uncertainty surrounding Parker’s future on the island is finally resolved in the season 12 finale, likely confirming Little’s return to the next two seasons. Joining him in the upcoming seasons must be the familiar faces of Don Warrington as Commissioner Selwyn Patterson, Shantol Jackson as Sergeant Naomi Thomas, Tahj Miles as Marlon Pryce, Ginny Holder as Darlene Curtis, and Élizabeth Bourgine as Catherine Bordey. Following the previous seasons’ trends and traditions, the upcoming seasons are also expected to feature a variety of guest stars.

Executive producer Tim Key expressed that they have an exciting and joyful Christmas special lined up and the 13th series will kick off with their 100th episode, promising numerous surprises to mark that significant milestone. He mentioned having extensive plans for the future and conveyed eagerness to commence the next phase. While awaiting the premiere of season 13, information concerning the release date of the fourteenth round remains unavailable. Based on past trends, it’s reasonable to anticipate the same to debut in January 2025.

The previous seasons of the show were also filmed on the French island of Guadeloupe in the Lesser Antilles. The commune of Deshaies stands in for the town of Honoré. In addition to the series, Luc Besson’s ‘Anna’ and Netflix’s sports film ‘No Limit’ were also filmed in the region.

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