Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Yoriichi Type Zero

In ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ season 3 or ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc’ episode 2 titled ‘Yoriichi Type Zero,’ Tanjirou meets the Mist Hashira who is desperate to train with the mysterious mechanical doll that is made 300-years-ago. He later learns that the young boy Muichirou was arguing with is named Kotetsu and it was his ancestors who had actually built it in the Sengoku period. After the Mist Hashira breaks one of the mechanical doll’s arms, Kotetsu tells Tanjirou to train with it not knowing that the two of them will end up discovering something unexpected.

Mist Hashira Fights Yoriichi Type Zero

As Tanjirou observes from a distance, Muichirou Tokitou has an altercation with a boy who is later revealed to be Kotetsu. When the bullying becomes unbearable, Tanjirou tries to stop the Flame Hashira who is repeatedly asking for some key. When Tanjirou notices that he has no respect for swordsmen and considers Hashiras special enough to disregard others, he tries to make a speech about the important role that they play in the fight against demons. But all of his words fall on deaf ears as Muichirou is in a hurry and knocks him out.

By the time he wakes up, Kotetsu tells him that the Mist Hashira is gone. It turns out that he was asking for the keys to Yoriichi Type Zero, the mechanical doll that was there so that he can practice with it. It turns out that the doll was made 300 years ago in the Sengoku period by Kotetsu’s ancestors. According to some reports, it was modeled after a warrior that lived around that time. But his movements were so fast that the makers of the Yoriichi Type Zero gave it six arms to replicate all his movements. As Tanjirou and Kotetsu finally saw Muichirou training with it, they were quite shocked by the Mist Hashira’s swift reflexes.

It turns out that he is the descendent of the wielder of the Sun Breathing techniques, which makes him a prodigy. Kotetsu is disappointed in himself since his ancestors were so talented and he feels that he is not good at anything. After he runs away into the forest, Tanjirou follows him and does not give up until he manages to encourage his new friend. By the time the duo return, Muichirou is done with his training and it turns out that he has broken one of Yoriichi Type Zero’s arms.

What Does Tanjirou Find Inside Yoriichi Type Zero?

After Muichirou walks away with one of Yoriichi Type Zero’s arms, Kotetsu rushes to the mechanical doll’s side to check whether it is still working or not. Luckily despite the damage, the three-hundred-year-old doll can be used for training even though it is not in its best shape. Kotetsu is burning with a desire for revenge and he tells Tanjirou that he wants him to train with Yoriichi Type Zero so that he can become strong enough to defeat the Mist Hashira.

This marks the beginning of Tanjirou’s intense training under Kotetsu’s eyes who is a very ignorant teacher. He forces him to train without food and water for days and it naturally has a profound effect on Tanjirou’s health. Yoriichi Type Zero despite losing one arm is too quick for Tanjirou who struggles to keep up with it. Luckily for the first few days, the doll is not using katanas otherwise he would have potentially lost his life according to Kotetsu.

By the time Kotetsu fixes reals swords in place of practice sticks in Yoriichi Type Zero’s arms, Tanjirou had made a lot of progress. Instead of seeing the threads that usually appear during battle, he can now literally smell an opening and even keep track of all the moves that the mechanical doll is going to make. Using all this to his advantage, Tanjirou eventually delivers a fatal blow to Yoriichi Type Zero’s head following which its head falls off revealing something inside.

It turns out that someone has hidden a 300-year-old mechanical sword inside Yoriichi Type Zero. Although the episode ends there, the sword will later be revealed to be belonging to Yoriichi Tsugikuni, the strongest demon slayer who was actually the original owner of the katana. But because of its poor and unstable state, Tanjirou will have to wait to use it as Hotaru Haganezuka will take it into his custody to make it battle ready.

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