Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3 Episode 3 Recap: A Sword from Over 300 Years Ago

In ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ season 3 or ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc’ episode 3 titled ‘A Sword from Over 300 Years Ago,’ Tanjirou and Kotetsu take out the sword hidden Yoriichi Type Zero. However, they are disappointed to learn that it is rusted and cannot be used in combat. All of a sudden Mr. Haganezuka appears there out of the blue and takes the sword so that he can use his family technique to polish the blade to make it battle ready.

Tanjirou Finds Yoriichi Type Zero

After Tanjirou breaks Yoriichi Type Zero, he finds a 300-year-old sword inside. However, he feels that it belongs to Kotetsu since his ancestors were the ones who built it. Meanwhile, Kotetsu feels that Tanjirou is the only person who should keep the sword. After a brief discussion, they eventually decide to at least have a look at the blade. But they are disappointed to find a rusted sword inside which seems like it cannot be used.

Suddenly a muscular man walks towards them and Tanjirou recognizes Mr. Haganezuka. He asks the two of them to leave the sword with him but Tanjirou and Kotetsu refuse to trust him. It is later revealed that he just wants to take it away to polish it so that Tanjirou can keep it with him. Eventually, Mr. Haganezuka keeps the sword for the next three days and three nights so that he can work on it. Tanjirou tells Genya the whole story, who is quite unfriendly towards him. When he notices that Genya’s teeth look perfect, he inquires about it as he still has the broken tooth that fell out of his mouth.

Genya kicks him out of the room instead of asking his questions. Later, Muchirou meets Tanjirou in his room to ask him if he knows a swordsmith named Kanamori. It turns out that he is with Mr. Haganezuka and Tanjirou offers to help the Mist Hashira look for his new swordsmith. Tokitou is surprised by his kindness and asks Tanjirou why he cares so much about others. The less-experienced demon slayer reveals that he strongly believes that whatever we do for others, eventually comes back to help us in the end.

Does Muichirou Kill Hantengu?

As Muichirou is having a conversation with Tanjirou, they suddenly realize that someone is outside the room overhearing their conversation. When the door opens, Tanjirou is shocked to see the Upper-Rank Four Hantengu walking inside. The fact that he was unable to feel Hantengu’s presence until he walked into the room shocks Tanjirou. Meanwhile, the Mist Hashira is prepared to fight in an instant and tries to kill the Upper-Rank Four immediately. But his attack is too slow for Hantengu who manages to dodge the sword and leaps to the ceiling.

The Upper-Rank Four pleads with the demon slayers not to torment him with tears in his eyes. Tanjirou reminds himself that he is definitely dangerous and has taken many lives so he must show no mercy. He tries to use Hinokami Kagura to kill Hantengu but the demon dodges again. But he is completely unprepared for Nezuko who kicks him in the stomach after which Muichirou beheads the demon. Although this should have killed any average demon, Tanjirou knows that the upper ranks are different and tells the Mist Hashira not to let his guard down.

Suddenly the decapitated body turns into two separate demons, one of which blows Muichirou through the roof and he lands somewhere in the jungle. Luckily, Nezuko catches her brother in time but before they could get back on their feet, the other demon uses a weapon to give the two siblings an electric shock. Just when Tanjirou is about to pass out, he notices Genya on the roof who uses a gun to shoot the two demons. But then he makes the mistake of trying to decapitate the demons which allows them to multiply and divide into four.

However, Tanjirou does not notice the fourth one until he gets flown away by it. As he is being forcefully taken away, he is bewildered to see Genya getting stabbed in the stomach. Tanjirou pleads with Nezuko to protect Genya until he returns. The demon then suddenly uses a high-pitched sound wave to attack Tanjirou and he manages to get away from it by cutting off its foot. When he lands on the ground, he is attacked one more time by the same demon in a similar manner.

What Motivates Muichirou to Save Kotetsu’s Life?

After Muchirou lands in the forest without any visible injuries, he rushes back to help Tanjirou and his sister. But as he is running, he notices Kotetsu getting attacked by a demon. He thinks about the situation too objectively and feels that someone with poor skills as Kotetsu is expandable and is not important enough to save. But then suddenly he recalls Tanjirou’s words that Whatever one does for others, comes around to help them in the end. Without thinking anymore, he leaps toward the demons and manages to save Kotetsu. The Mist Hashira then asks him to run away, so that he can focus on fighting the demon.

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