Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Season 3 Episode 5 Recap: Bright Red Sword

In ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’ season 3 or ‘Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Swordsmith Village Arc’ episode 5 titled ‘Bright Red Sword,’ the Love Hashira arrives just in time to save the village chief and other innocent civilians from demons. Meanwhile, the Mist Hashira meets the Upper-Rank Five of the Twelve Kizuki, Gyokko and the two engage in a fierce battle. Elsewhere, Sekido and other demons try to kill Tanjirou and Nezuko, but the siblings somehow find ways to continue fighting back.

Muichirou Fights Gyokko

After saving Kotetsu, Muichirou rushes to find Kanamori and Mr. Haganezuka, who is apparently also under attack. He eventually manages to find Kanamori in the forest and kills the demon chasing him in an instant. After he is saved, Kanamori thanks the Mist Hashira and is elated by the fact that Kotetsu is still alive. Muichirou then mentions that he needs a new sword as the one he is using is not in good shape.

The three of them then head to the swordsmith’s hut where Mr. Haganezuka is also working on Tanjirou’s word. Since the village is under attack, they rush to the location. When they eventually get there, Muchirou senses the presence of an upper-rank demon and that’s when he meets Gyokko, who appears out of his vase. He talks about showcasing beautiful artwork he created and eventually reveals five swordsmen stabbed by multiple swords and arranged in a hideous order.

Muchirou is infuriated and immediately fights back against Gyokko. The Upper-Rank Five uses Blood Demon Art to summon fishes that throw poisoned needles at the Mist Hashira. Although he is able to easily evade them, he eventually gets stabbed while trying to protect Kotestu and Kanamori. Gyokko then puts the Mist Hashira in an impregnable water container. Meanwhile, the Love Hashira arrives in the village and saves countless people including the village chief at the right time.

Elsewhere, Nezuko tries to run away from Sekido who uses his powers to electrocute the siblings. When they get inside a house, Kuraku uses his maple-leaf-shaped Uchiwa to destroy all the buildings in sight. Nezuko gets trapped under the rubble but holds onto Tanjirou’s sword for some reason until she starts bleeding. Meanwhile, Sekido, Kuraku, and Urogi are looking for the duo to finish their job.

Did Tanjirou And Genya Kill Hantengu?

After Nezuko infuses Tanjirou’s sword with her own blood, it starts to shine bright red in color. That’s when Tanjirou has visions of an inherited memory in which an unnamed woman talks to Yoriichi about swords turning red during battle. Although Tanjirou may have not uncovered the mystery of gaining such an ability, he is lucky that he is able to get the bright red blades known as the Raging Sword when he needed them the most. He recalls how lucky he is to always receive help and now wants to pay back by defeating the demons.

When the demons finally spot Tanjirou, Urogi is the first to approach him. But Sekido notices the bright red sword in Tanjirou’s hand and that’s when he sees one of the memories inherited from Muzan. He learns that there was a swordsman (Yoriichi) who appears quite similar to Tanjirou and also used a bright red sword. He had managed to corner Muzan and almost behead him. But the information is too much to process and before he could make anything of it, Tanjirou beheads Urogi.

Tanjirou recalls his experience fighting Gyuutarou in the entertainment district and using that to his advantage manages to decapitate Kuraku and Sekido. However, Tanjirou is not done yet and realizes that he must look for the fourth demon as soon as possible. That’s when his eyes fall on Genya, who has decapitated the fourth demon as well. Although it appears that Tanjirou and Genya have defeated the Upper Rank 4, it turns out that the fight is still far from over and the viewers will find out why in future episodes.

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