Denton Mallas: The Queen Eye Hero is Now LSU’s Dean of Students Too

Although a true reboot of the 2000s Bravo eponymous original, Netflix’s ‘Queer Eye‘ takes the whole concept of extreme yet personal makeover reality television to an unprecedented new level. After all, it centers around five professionals as they lend their respective expertise in beauty, culture, design, fashion, and food to help individuals (aka Heroes) live up to their full potential. Amongst them in season 8 episode 4 was actually none other than local Louisiana inspiration Denton Mallas — so now, if you simply wish to learn more about him, we’ve got the details for you.

Denton Mallas’ Queer Eye Journey

From the moment Denton first came across our screens, he honestly won hearts with his clear ambitions, familial values, honey-dipped charm, powerful moral compass, as well as strong mindset. The truth is his idol is his father because he not only learned sign language alongside the rest of his family when it came to light the former was deaf at merely 18 months but also advocated for him. In fact, he went as far as to become a coach to sign his son from the sidelines once he learned of the youngster’s interest in sports and understood that football was his primary outlet for self-expression.

It thus comes as no surprise Denton hopes to be exactly like his father and has since even found his calling to serve his hearing-impaired community through the Louisiana School For The Deaf. This Gallaudet University graduate, with a Bachelor’s in History (2009-2013) and Master’s in Secondary & Deaf Education (2013-2015), initially joined this institution as a Social Studies teacher in 2016. However, upon showcasing his skills plus sheer determination, he was gra dually able to rise up the ranks to evolve into Head Football Coach before eventually landing the Athletic Director post in 2021.

That’s when Denton’s colleague Dr. Natalie Delgado nominated him for ‘Queer Eye’ as she could see that in his attempt to always be there for his students, he was beginning to neglect himself. All his efforts were obviously appreciated, yet she wondered whether he realized they were because he was so immersed in the fear of possibly failing the youngsters in terms of providing them with opportunities. Moreover, considering his leadership position and hence public dealings with board members, the city hall, as well as media, she felt he needed a bit of sprucing up for some needed confidence.

Denton’s wife Sydney was actually on the same page too, especially as she worried he’d burn out if he continued giving to others without taking an easy breath for himself every once in a while. “[I’ve heard] ‘Relax. Take time for yourself. Relax,'” he himself expressed at one point. “I’m like, ‘No, I’m not done. I need to do everything that I can for these kids.'” That’s when the Fab Five came in to help him comprehend that whatever he was doing was his best and it was more than enough, all the while enhancing his personal style, interests, plus office. They essentially taught him he’d be most useful if he was feeling immaculate, which requires true self-care.

In the end, there was a clear change in Denton, and he conceded to the Fab Five that “This has been a blessed experience. You know, this time I’ve spent with you all is one of my favorite memories of my life. You motivated me to really address things and experience new things. You’ve given me the ability to really shoot for the stars. Take risks. That’s what you’ve taught me. You’ve given me the confidence I need to become the Athletic Director. So thank you so much for that. And you taught me a lot of important things like self-care. Self-care is the most important thing to lead a healthy life. You’ve really given me so much insight into myself.”

Where is Denton Mallas Now?

First things first, it appears as if Denton continues to serve as the Athletic Director at the Louisiana School For The Deaf and has even managed to save its football program from being cut despite not having many students – the War Eagles are still proudly playing. Though this happily married Baton Rouge resident is not the Head Coach or a Social Studies teacher at this establishment anymore; instead, this director recently (September 2023) took up the position of Dean of Students at Louisiana Special School District.

According to Denton’s LinkedIn profile, his primary responsibilities as the Dean are “overseeing and coordinating student support services, student activities, implementing and monitoring the school’s attendance and disciplinary policies, supervising the admission procedures and athletics for both schools, Louisiana Schools for the Deaf and Visually Impaired.” In other words, this ASL expert/educator continues to advocate for his community through different ways, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for him plus the school next.

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