Derron Herah: Where is Elaine Thompson-Herah’s Husband and Coach Now?

With Elaine Thompson and Derron Herah being a power couple in every sense of the word, it’s no surprise they’ve overcome every issue they’ve faced both personally as well as professionally. This much has even been evidenced in Netflix’s ‘Sprint: The World’s Fastest Humans,’ wherein we get a deep insight into their world of track and field sports with respect to the 2023 World Athletics Championship. After all, this duo are not only partners in life but also partners in their entrepreneurial endeavors plus around the stadiums — former esteemed Jamaican sprinter Derron is actually his wife’s coach.

Derron Herah Loves to See Elaine Shine Bright

According to reports, it was back in 2018 when Elaine first came across Derron owing to their shared passion for sprinting, only for one thing to lead to another and for them to fall in love. Though little did they know they’d fall so deep they’d soon end up evolving into one another’s biggest supporters and even eventually decide to tie the knot – they promised each other forever in front of all their loved ones in early November 2019 at Old Fort Bay in St. Ann. And then, a mere two years later, they went one step further to become professionally entangled too – he became her coach following her decision to leave the renowned MVP Track Club.

As if that’s not enough, Derron even defended his wife’s actions to the public, telling Pulse Sports she did what was best for her career and that the fans should respect her decision instead of sending hate because she is, after all, just human. He then added that his wife received such negative backlash that his only subsequent aim was to find such great solutions to the problems they were facing that his wife could return to focusing only on practicing. That’s when he evolved into his coach and again vowed to do his best to ensure her success – he has since even been keeping up with all new technological advancements in case any of them can help her recovery between runs along the way.

Derron Herah is a Serial Entrepreneur

Apart from being a former athlete turned coach, as mentioned above, Derron is a highly educated entrepreneur, and this dates back to the early days of his career. He’s actually a graduate of Southwest Christian Junior College, after which he attended Texas Tech University for a Bachelor’s in Business Administration/Management before further enrolling in Davenport University for a degree in Finance. Since then, he has established several business ventures, including a restaurant named Coded Frolic alongside his world champion, Olympic medalist, and record-breaking sprinter wife.

As if that’s not enough, it has been reported Derron is even the man behind The Loan and Pawn Shop in Kingston, all the while owning-operating his own record company named Herah Music Productions and dabbling in entertainment with one of its branches – HMP Entertainment. We sadly don’t know much regarding this former athlete’s professional field career, yet it has been alleged he was active as a 400-meter sprinter and 400-meter hurdle specialist between 2001 and 2008 before evolving into an affiliated coach and public figure.

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