Spencer McManes: Where is Gabby Thomas’ Boyfriend Now?

Image Credit: Spencer McManes/Instagram

Whether you’re a fan of track and field sports or not, Gammy Thomas is a name you know (or have probably heard around) because of the wonders she has achieved over the past few years. These include a 200-meter Olympic bronze, a 4×100-meter relay Olympic silver, a 200-meter silver at the 2023 World Championship, plus a gold with a world record for the relay at the same. Therefore, as indicated in ‘Netflix’s ‘Sprint: The World’s Fastest Humans,’ with her eyes now set on gold at the 2024 Paris Olympics and her happy, healthy relationship with Spencer McManes, it’s evident she’s truly thriving.

Gabby and Spencer Have Long Crossed the One-Year Mark

Although neither Gabby nor Spencer has ever really opened up regarding their incredible romance with the world, we do know for certain they first officially got involved around October 2022. However, it wasn’t until March 2023 that they became public, with the latter sharing a photo series of all the times they’d blissfully spent together alongside the cute caption, “Vacation every day.” It was then that he stopped holding back altogether — from sharing more pictures of them on actual holidays, attending concerts, or just having a gala time to publicly flirt with her via likes as well as comments; he did it all.

However, arguably the best part of Gabby and Spencer’s relationship is the fact they truly understand one another as not only passionate athletes but also brilliant thinkers with individual opinions. In fact, Gabby has also met Spencer’s parents and the four even hang out together. While the former is a 2018 Harvard Neurobiology & Global Health graduate and a 2023 University of Texas Epidemiology graduate, her boyfriend earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Government from Yale University in 2017. He was even a varsity football player (quarterback) in his time, just as his partner served on the collegiate athletics team, but their approach was much different since she was (still is) training at an international level.

Spencer McManes is a Corporate Employee and Entrepreneur Today

It was in 2014 that Roswell, Georgia, native turned Yale University student Spencer technically kickstarted his career, with his first job title being Warehouse Assistant at Single Source for two months. He then did internships at the financial services company Elavon and the management consultancy McChrystal Group in 2015 and 2016, respectively, only to return to the latter following his graduation. He began as an Analyst in Alexandria, Virginia, in July 2017, climbing the ladder to become an Associate in January 2019 before finally landing the position of Senior Associate in Austin, Texas, in January 2021.

Spencer actually held this title for a mere five months prior to expanding his wings and moving on to be the Senior Customer Success Manager at People AI for over two years (May 2021 to August 2023). However, during this period, he also worked hard to launch his own non-alcoholic kava seltzer brand called Kavia, which still seems to be thriving with the help of flavors and the overall quality of his product. But alas, because he apparently isn’t able to pursue his entrepreneurial endeavor full time and also genuinely likes working, he has even assumed the role of Senior Customer Success Manager at DataGrail since August 2023.

Spencer McManes is Deeply Passionate and Compassionate

Whether it be his work, his girlfriend, his family, or his sports, Spencer McManes is deeply devoted to it all. In fact, if he’s not spending quality time with Gabby or working, he’s either hanging out with his loved ones or simply enjoying his hobbies — these days, it seems like he plays rugby a lot. As if all that’s not enough, this Austin, Texas, resident is even the host of a podcast titled ‘Quantum Thoughts with Spencer McManes,’ where he shares everything from his life experiences to motivations to how he tackles life as a whole.

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