Nicole Daza: Where is Marcell Jacobs’ Wife Now?

If there’s only one way we can ever describe Italian track and field star Lamont Marcell Jacobs Jr. considering the way he has made a name for himself, it would have to be determined. After all, as explored in Netflix’s ‘Sprint: The World’s Fastest Humans,’ this world champion and record holder has consistently done the work to be the best in the game, especially for his homeland of Italy. So, of course, as with any athlete, his family has had to make a few sacrifices along the way, but the manner in which Nicole Daza Jacobs has handled them has enabled him to be even better.

Nicole Daza Has Stood By Marcell Jacobs Through Thick and Thin

It was reportedly back in 2017 when Marcell first met Ecuador-born Novi Ligure, Italy-based Nicole while she was kickstarting her career in fashion, unaware they’d soon fall in love. Their connection gradually grew to such an extent she even moved to Rome to be with him a short while later, only for them to then welcome their kids — Anthony and Meghan — into this world. Little did she know, owing to her own unique set of skills, many doors in the realm of entertainment would soon open for her, and she’d eventually evolve into a model and public personality.

Nevertheless, Nicole remained a dedicated partner plus a loving mother, which undeniably helped Marcell deal with all the extra attention that came his way following his successful 2020 season. She has candidly admitted it hasn’t been easy for him (or them) since eyes across the globe raised expectations and put added pressure on him, especially once he began struggling with injuries too. However, her constant presence, as well as unwavering support, continued to motivate him, particularly after they tied the knot in 2022 — the added title of husband pushed him in the right direction. Unfortunately, Marcell’s 2023 season didn’t go really well, but he’s thriving in the ongoing 2024 season.

Nicole Daza is a Jack of Many Trades

While it’s true Nicole is a wife, mother, and public figure, she’s also an entrepreneur plus independent — she’s over the moon to have a family, yet she also has her own dreams and is actively pursuing them. According to her own account, after she welcomed her children, she realized she needed to have an avenue for personal fulfillment, too, driving her to return to her passion for fashion. In fact, she ultimately realized the perfect project for her would be to create a luxury handbag line that could symbolize love-rooted creativity, and so Nicole Daza Couture was born.

Nicole’s handbags are reportedly made of leather, yarn, as well as jewel details, but what’s even more noteworthy is that she has an all-female team every step of the way, which combined makes her product one of a kind. We should also mention her public standing seems to be rising day by day — with her feed being a mix of ads, sponsorships, photoshoots, her own brand’s promotion, plus the actual workings of her daily life as a working wife and mother, she is arguable one of the most followed track star spouses. This travel enthusiast, who actually splits her time between Rome, Italy, and Jacksonville, Florida, for her husband, all the while running her own business plus caring for her family, already has 84k followers on Instagram.

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