Are Derynn And Pretty Ricky From Double Shot at Love Still Together?

With ‘Double Shot at Love’ MTV brought to the small screen the ‘Jersey Shore’ best friends, DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino, along with 20 women contestants, vying for their hearts. The American dating game show has been entertaining its viewers since its inception on April 11, 2019. In the second season, the coupling of Derynn and Ricky Rogers at a local nightclub was like a bolt from the blue.

The reality star laid her eyes on the Las Vegas stripper who looks no less than a Greek-god. From thereon, they kickstarted their journey together, and within no time, won millions of hearts with a sincere display of emotions. But did the spark fade away as quickly as it was lit, or are they still the “IT” couple?

Derynn and Pretty Ricky: Double Shot at Love Journey

Guadagnino’s Chippendale friend, Ricky Rogers, joined the ‘DSAL’ cast during an outing, and while they were all dancing the night away, Derynn Paige spotted a handsome guy at a distance. He, too, thought the same of the gorgeous New Jersey beauty, and the two indulged in a flirtatious conversation. They felt so attracted to each other that they ended up sharing a steamy kiss on the dance floor.

Unfortunately, their date (sort of!) ended on an unexpected note as she invited Ricky to spend the night at her suite, but he failed to perform due to the reality TV pressure. Paige could not hold her tears back as she narrated the embarrassing incident to her roommates. But the fan-favorite couple regarded this as a minor setback and officially went out on their first date.

The viewers saw both of them opening up to each other and bringing forth their vulnerabilities. Paige expressed how her wish to be married by 25 could not be fulfilled because of her cheating ex-boyfriend. Ricky seemed to feel her pain and promised his beau not to let his job profile impact their relationship, which would soon have to enter the long-distance setup. They continued to talk like two people drunk in love on their social media accounts. Shockingly, only days after Paige announced to the world that she “got the real double shot at love,” things began to go downhill.

Are Derynn and Pretty Ricky Still Together?

Ricky has bravely taken full responsibility for having hurt his now ex-girlfriend. He had been quarantining with another girl and never told Paige about her. While admitting to having let his loyalty waiver, Ricky did not consider the other woman as his beau, despite living with her under the same roof for almost a month. He tried to keep the hook-up a secret, but Derynn caught him after a friend showed her a TikTok video that featured Ricky and his “mystery” girl together in an intimate setting.

Undoubtedly, the two have parted ways and publicly revealed this as the reason for their unfortunate split. According to the terms of their relationship, his actions cannot be categorized as “cheating” in the traditional sense. The former partners had previously decided to maintain an open but honest equation, meaning they could still see other people but were expected to tell their partner about it.

While they handled this tricky situation maturely, her fans couldn’t help but notice the disappointment in Derynn’s eyes. But she seems to have put the entire episode behind her and is grateful for all the friends she made on the show. To put the matter to rest, the reality TV star announced her current relationship status on Twitter with a tone of finality.

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