Are Deva and Maria From Dating Around Still Together?

Netflix has released another season of the brilliant reality dating series, and this time, it follows the singles who are based in New Orleans. By having a low-risk, no-fuss, and chill setting, ‘Dating Around’ is able to do what no other reality series can – bring authenticity to our screens. Each episode of this series follows one single person looking for love as they go on five different blind dates. By exploring the awkward and the sweet aspects of dates, and being extremely inclusive without making it a big deal, ‘Dating Around’ is as addictive and as binge-able as a series can get.

Season 2 featured people from all walks of life and having different sexual orientations, and one such individual was Deva Mahal. Being the focus of Episode 3 of the series, by the end, she picked Maria to be her partner.

Deva and Maria: Dating Around Journey

Although the singer and artist dates both men and women, she doesn’t really feel comfortable putting a label on herself. According to her friends and family, Deva is an individual who loves deeply, but after a couple of heartbreaks, she put up walls around her that made her hold back her true feelings. Now, to finally let loose after relearning to love herself and realizing that there is nothing wrong with who she is, she has come to the dating scene again, meeting up with Toure, True, Ruben, Maria, and Brooke.

With Ruben and Brooke, it was evident that there was no real connection, she told Brooke that they weren’t each other’s types and with Ruben, she brushed off all his advances, even going as far as to say that she doesn’t kiss on the first dates. Her time with Toure, True, and Ruben was going well, but as soon as True mentioned that he was Poly and specifically dated bisexual women because he didn’t want them to see other men, there was no question about whether or not he was going to get picked.

Ruben flirted with Deva a lot, and although he wasn’t very smooth, it added to his charm. But Maria, with her the connection was instant. The two went from small talk to much deeper conversations early on, talking about family, work, and struggles. Their flirty banter, combined with the topics of discussions, made it evident that Maria was the understanding and honest woman that Deva was looking for.

They made a wish at a pond, shared a few kisses, and even shared a cab home where Deva just couldn’t stop giggling and blushing. Therefore, who she picked was no surprise. Their second date, which consisted of complimenting each other and talking about ‘The Wizards of Oz’ while going a bike ride date, was something straight out of a romantic novel.

Are Deva and Maria still together?

It may be because of her personal preference, or it may be because of her contractual obligations, but Deva has not yet given any indication about her personal life or her relationship status on her social media platform. The Indie R&B Singer’s Instagram feed is completely devoid of any mention of Maria, and we couldn’t even find any public profile of the latter, so we have no way of knowing where they stand for sure. But, as far we can tell, Deva seems happier than ever before, making us think that Maria may be the reason behind her happiness.

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