Preview: Devs E03

Devs Season 1

Devs’ is a science-based thriller by the director of ‘Ex Machina,’ Alex Garland. The show weaves a suspenseful mystery amidst a fictional, scientific experiment that could be revolutionary but is certainly very controversial. Hence, while the series does not dive into the sci-fi genre full throttle, it does present the science as an integral component to the plot.

‘Devs’ follows Lily, an employee of a tech firm called Amaya. Amaya has been developing a groundbreaking technology in secrecy with a unit called “Devs.” Lily’s boyfriend, Sergei gets invited to work for the unit, but gets killed on the orders of Amaya’s CEO, Forest because he was a Russian spy.

In the second episode, Lily is seen investigating Sergei’s mysterious death by using his cloud data. She finds out about Sergei being a Russian spy and actually meets with his Russian handler who asks Lily to work with him. However, the Russian handler gets killed by Amaya’s head of security and Forest’s right-hand man, Kenton.

Devs Episode 3 Release Date: When Does it Premiere?

The third episode of ‘Devs’ is scheduled to premiere on March 12, 2020 on Hulu. The episode will most likely be uploaded at 6 AM E.T./3 AM PT. However, the time is subject to change. The show returns one week after the second episode was released on the streaming platform and now follows a weekly format.

How to Watch Devs Episode 3 Online?

‘Devs’ is a limited series that is available to stream only on Hulu. Hence, the only place you can watch it is on the Hulu platform. If you do not already have a subscription for the platform, you can get a one-week free trial.

Devs Episode 3 Spoilers:

After the death of Sergei’s Russian handler in the second episode of ‘Devs,’ one cannot predict where the show will go to next. It is made clear in the second episode that Lily is not interested in working for the Russian intelligence since she puts up a note saying “Fuck You” outside her window. However, she is determined to continue investigating. She probably believes the Russian handler’s opinion that Sergei did not commit suicide.

Here is what the blurb for the third episode says: “Lily returns to work at Amaya and explains her suspicions to Jen and Anya. Forest is visited by Laine, a powerful senator asking questions about the Devs project.” From this description, it is clear that she moves forward with the investigation. However, it is surprising that she would ask for help from her colleagues since one gets the impression that she wants to investigate alone from the first two episodes.

Meanwhile, Forest will also be given lots of screen space. That is promising since his character has turned out to be quite intriguing. It would also be quite interesting to see some conflict for the Devs department and get more answers regarding its nature.

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